What is Roman Cohort definition/concept

The Roman Cohort concept must be understood within the context of the Ancient Roman army.

The command structure of the Roman legions

The territorial expansion of the ancient Roman civilization was due in large part to the legion’s efficiency. With a few exceptions, no army in the world could surpass the Roman legion. Roman Cohort

In relation to its military structure , the hierarchical command boasted the emperor as the supreme leader . Next came the prime ministers, who were known as praetorium prefects, constituting the military high command. Each legion was led by a general who was responsible for giving the orders (the general could be a praetor or a consul). On a lower scale was the legate or commander and under his command were several units or legions.

These posts of military responsibility were associated with administrative responsibility. At an intermediate level of command were the officers (usually each legion had seven officers, one being the prefect and the other six being the tribunes) and the centurions, who were key players in the Roman legion as they imparted discipline to the troops. Roman Cohort

The distribution of soldiers

The centurion was most responsible for a hundred soldiers, that is, for a century. There were two centuries, it was a handle with a total of six centuries that formed a cohort. In this way, a cohort was formed by 600 soldiers and a legion was 6,000 soldiers, in other words, ten cohorts. However, not all cohorts were equal, as the first was made up of the best legionnaires, the sixth by the youngest soldiers, the eighth were elite troops, and the least experienced cohorts were the second, fourth, seventh, and ninth. Roman Cohort

Other cohort modalities

In addition to cohorts as a legion structure, there were other modalities. In this sense, the Emperor’s personal guard was known as the Praetorian cohort.

The soldiers in charge of protecting the cities were called the urban cohort, and their members were not part of military expeditions to other territories. The soldiers who acted as night watchmen in the city were of the lowest rank and were part of the well-known cohorts of watchmen. Roman Cohort

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