Dream of throwing things away Shooting with a firearm

Dream of throwing things away

– If in our dream, we see ourselves THROWING ANYTHING or SOMEONE, it means that our unconscious way of acting can bring us problems. Here we will let you know about the Dream of throwing things away.

– If SOMEONE THROWS OR THROWS OBJECTS AT US (Any object), it means that we want to get rid of someone who is very annoying or groups of people who are annoying to us.

– Dreaming of EXCREMENT (Human excrement) means good luck economically, but if we throw it away, then it means that our reckless way of acting can cause us money problems.

– If WE THROW SOMETHING IN THE GARBAGE, it means that our unconscious way of acting can bring us problems, but as long as the meaning of what we throw away is good, for example: if we throw coins, since coins have a good meaning.

– If we THROW SOMETHING IN THE GARBAGE THAT HAS A BAD MEANING (We can consult the meaning in this dictionary), it tells us that we have made a correct decision.

– If in the dream we see ourselves THROWING GARBAGE ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR , it tells us that we are making new enemies or that it is likely that we will soon. What advises us to be prudent in what we do or are planning to do.

– If we see our MOTHER THROWING GARBAGE ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR , it means that there is something related to our current situation that is causing us anxiety, but we must remain calm and analyze the situation well, otherwise we are likely to commit a recklessness and make more enemies.

– To dream that we are in a fight and we lose because WE THROWN THE TOWEL, means a probable failure due to our lack of courage and courage. This dream advises us to fight to achieve our purposes.

Shooting (From Shooting with a firearm) 

– It warns us of a real noise, so we will most likely wake up, to see what happens.
– To dream that someone shoots at us, it means that there is a near danger.
– To dream that someone shoots us closely, but we managed to avoid the bullets, it means that we were neglecting ourselves, but then we managed to take the necessary precautions and measures to be able to escape from danger.
– To dream that someone shoots us in the finger of the hand, it means that one of our relatives is in danger.

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