Urban violence definition/Causes and consequences

Urban violence is the set of actions that violate the law and public order in urban centers and metropolises . Murders and robberies are some of the main forms of violence that are most present in cities. Urban violence definition

Disobedience to the law is understood to mean any type of attitude that compromises public goods or that threatens the lives of others, such as robberies, drug trafficking, homicides, etc.

Urban violence is one of the most common types of violence in the contemporary world, mainly due to the fact that most of the planet’s population lives in urban areas. A type of urban violence that is quite frequent is domestic violence , where acts of aggression occur within the family institution.

Disorganized urban growth and lack of infrastructure for city dwellers are considered to be two of the main causes that lead to cases of urban violence.

Causes and consequences

As said, one of the main arguments used to justify the emergence and development of violence in cities is the disorganized urban growth. This process occurs due to the accelerated rural exodus, leading entire populations to migrate to urban centers that do not have the structure to receive them. Urban violence definition

Thus, with the lack of an infrastructure that guarantees employment, housing, health, education, among other basic needs, a series of crises and social problems arise that, in turn, can have repercussions on marginalization and, consequently, on criminalization.

According to sociologists, another factor that can contribute to violence is the maladjustment of individuals’ family environment. With a precarious family formation, there may not be a correct formation on the moral values ​​of the citizen, for example. Urban violence definition

Another cause that is defended by sociologists is the impersonality of the inhabitants of urban centers, compared to the streets, for example. There is not such a great communion and companionship among the inhabitants of the cities.

The lack of influence of the national economy, unemployment, religious conflicts, ethnic discrimination, drug trafficking, among other factors, can also be seen as engines for the development of urban violence. Urban violence definition

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