What is Positive and Negative Motivation definition/concept

Motivation is a vital ingredient desired by the human being. However, there are different types of motivation. A person receives stimuli that motivate or demotivate him in relation to a certain goal. Motivation arises from the formation of knowledge and will, since the latter must know the reasons why a person takes action. Positive and Negative Motivation

Desire for personal growth

It is the interest in self- improvement that is born sincerely in the heart of the one who has the desire to become better through thoughts, words and actions.

That is, a positively motivated person does not want to be himself just for his virtues, but also for projecting into the future a potential perspective in relation to the development he has to nurture his strengths and correct his flaws.

A more positive motivation is one that is intrinsic, that is, the emotional intelligence capacity of a person who alone has the power to make decisions to persevere in the struggle for a realistic goal that he has established. It appears when you define the goals you really want and make a commitment to fulfill them. Positive and Negative Motivation

It can also be extrinsic and is the recognition a boss gives his employees to recognize the talent of others. The internal or external motivation is positive when the subject is able to connect with the defined objective.

How to identify negative motivation?

On the one hand, committed people are in the habit of finishing their undertaken projects. On the other hand, an example of negative motivation is the case of a person who tends to leave behind his initial projects by deluding himself beforehand and giving up on the work.

In other words, there is a parallel lack of motivation for those who do not know how to overcome obstacles that arise over time, making many excuses and throwing in the towel. Positive and Negative Motivation

It is born from an idealized view of reality , since the person focuses only on the objective and does not visualize the resignations that he needs to take.

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