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To better understand the meaning of the word politics, it is necessary to resort to a definition of Aristotle who states that man is a political animal (zoon politikon in Greek). On the other hand, the term political comes from “polis” which means city, place where people live and express their ideas and interests. Thus, originally, politics referred to matters of interest to citizens. With this Aristotelian definition and with the idea that there are certain issues that affect everyone, we can better define the concept of politics.

In any small community, town, city or country, there are issues that affect citizenship as a whole. In other words, there are certain questions that must be answered: who should have the power, how to exercise it, what is the best power structure , who and how to participate in the community‘s problems, and a series of questions that require a type or another of politics. The most diverse and different ideologies try to answer these and other questions. Politics

For centuries, politics has been an activity organized by systems of a totalitarian character, in which a representative or a reduced group had control of society and imposed its criteria. The groups religious, monarchs, tyrants and military establishment were traditional structures that dominated and ruled the policy in a general sense. Currently, these modalities have not completely disappeared and continue to be the current model in many countries. Politics

With the idea of ​​democracy, politics acquired a new dimension. Several groups carry out proposals for citizens to choose the most suitable one through a voting system . The political group or party that obtains the majority of the votes will be responsible for organizing and administering the affairs related to a collectivity. The democratic system allows the alternation of power, the participation of all individuals and some control mechanisms on the part of minority options. The plurality of democracy determines that various political views compete on a level of equality. There are parties of all kinds like liberals, conservatives, socialists, greens or nationalists. Usually their proposals are respected, although there are other parties that completely diverge from the democratic system, such as the communist regime. Politics

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