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Every human being is unique and exclusive. Even with similar characteristics to each other, their psychological profile is totally unique. A profile that shows the main character traits of a person . It’s like a schematic that roughly shows the essence of the way of being. The psychological profile is especially decisive in different situations, for example, in the personal selection processes, specific tests are carried out to know the candidate’s way of being and his theoretical competences. What is this type of evidence for?

way of being personal

For example, when a company that offers a job to a person, it is necessary for him to have the basic competence of working in a team, that is, it is essential to choose a candidate who has this predisposition to work in collaboration with others. And while this quality cannot be visibly observed by the training and experience data of the curriculum, on the contrary, it can be identified through a personality test , for example. This quiz in question form is specifically designed to minimize the possibility of the candidate lying or distorting information about himself.

A person’s psychological profile brings values ​​to the organization. This profile is administered by psychologists who often work in the human resources department of organizations carrying out detailed personnel selection processes. Psychological Profile

compatible relationships

In addition to the professional field, we can get to know observation, personal experience, friendship relationships, the psychological profile of the other human being through direct contact. Friendship usually happens when two people have compatible psychological profiles. Or rather, when in addition to the differences between friends, there are common traits and an affinity is created. The same goes for a happy couple in which there is a high degree of compatibility.

People can know their own psychological profile, their strengths and weaknesses of their way of being through self-knowledge. For example, through participation in self-help courses, reading psychology books , meditation and conscious reflection on your own happiness.

The psychological profile shows the emotional anatomy of a human being, that is, his inner world, whose features are visible and different from his body, which is a material entity.

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