What is Personality definition/concept

Every human being is unique and unique, there are many people in the world, however, no two people are alike. Every human being has his personal charm, that is, his way of being, a character displayed through the personality. To really get to know a person, it is important to spend time in a relationship in order to better understand that person’s personality, that is, to know their values, their points of view, their attitudes and their way of being. Understanding a real person is a complex process , as it must be assumed that each human being is in a process of constant evolution. That is, today you are the same as yesterday, but at the same time you are different.

Personality formation involves several factors, for example, the formation received, the influence of the family in childhood, the social environment, among others, but there are also internal factors. Each human being can behave differently for the same fact, as every human being lives reality according to his personality and which is marked by his thoughts, feelings and concrete actions.

The way of thinking, that is, the way of interpreting reality, represents the intrinsic part of the personality, a part that is personal and non-transferable. However, no human being can have access to the most intimate thoughts of another human being. On the other hand, actions represent the external part of the personality, actions are visible, that is, they are observable and can be seen by another person. In this way, actions are also a reflection of a person’s internal thought whenever there is coherence between thought, feeling and action (people can also fall into various contradictions).

It is important to emphasize that social relationships are very important for the development of the adult personality because every human being learns and improves in direct contact with others. In fact, the personality of a human being is a social personality, however, from a more specific point of view, there are people who are more supportive than others.

Through introspection, anyone can get to know themselves and others better, also with the aim of enhancing their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses, thus identifying areas for improvement. In addition, you should also educate your character to be happier with yourself, as this is the basis for having a good relationship with others.

In the field of social relations, it can happen that two people of different personalities are attracted by this difference, which is enriching. But it can also happen that affinity is a form of union between two friends.

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