What is Promiscuity definition/concept

Promiscuity is known as the act of having sex simultaneously with strangers and different people, from whom a lasting and loving relationship is not normally established.

Maintaining sexual relationships with several people at the same time and disorganized mixing of different elements

The above description is undoubtedly the most widespread and used of this term, however, it can also be used to refer to a disorderly mixture of various elements, but of course the one associated with the sexual issue is the most popular and widespread of the its uses.

The sense linked to the sexual proposes a frequent practice of sexual relations with different people who are usually not stable partners or partners.

So we call promiscuous or promiscuous the person who exhibits this type of sexual behavior described.

A behavior that is morally questioned by the majority that presents variants of consideration according to the culture

When talking about promiscuity, it is impossible to separate it from a morally negative connotation, especially for a large number of people who consider it correct to maintain relationships with only one person with whom they maintain a stable relationship and for promoting the value of fidelity.

To cite a concrete example, promiscuity is perceived through a person who has sexual intercourse with someone they just met on the same day or night.

It is also important to say that the consideration given to promiscuity or not varies from one culture to another. This assessment impacts in relation to the person’s age and the person’s gender, among the main issues. In this sense, it should be said that because of the macho culture established in various cultures, women are protagonists of acts of promiscuity and are usually socially condemned more rigorously than if they were in relation to men. In other words, it is well seen in the macho culture that men maintain several relationships at the same time with different women, differently from women.

Promiscuity is usually seen negatively in social terms, as it involves not only the lack of emotional stability and lack of maturity of people required at certain stages of life, but it can also promote certain and serious health risks for those who behave in such a way sexually negligent. It is notorious that promiscuity triggers the spread of certain diseases that are transmitted only through genital fluids and that, in some cases, can be very serious, such as HIV or AIDS and syphilis.

The sexual opening in the 60s gave way to promiscuity and also to the consequences that they bring to health through the contagion of sexually transmitted diseases

Although the idea of ​​promiscuity was for a long time linked to the social standards established by monogamy as the main element of social control in order to avoid and limit it as soon as possible, nowadays, promiscuity is much more permeable to different types of control or state surveillance. This has to do with the great sexual opening that took place in the West since the 1960s, an opening understood by many as social liberation and deprivation of sexual life, already seen by others as debauchery and depravity.

Promiscuity, nowadays, can occur at all levels of  society, regardless of which group of people it belongs to . It can also be present in people of different ages: by people over thirty who already consider themselves well resolved and with a very clear and defined situation. Finally, at present, promiscuity is no longer a phenomenon that is exclusive to one sex or the other; it is much broader and includes new forms of sexuality that have to do with an interest in sexual experimentation.

On the other hand, religions such as Christianity and Judaism, even today, unquestionably condemn and disapprove of promiscuous behavior.

The biggest problem that promiscuity can bring today is precisely what has been described above, the emergence of a series of diseases and health conditions that can easily complicate a person’s life. Some of these sexually acquired diseases are chronic and however much the person corrects their forms of relationship in sexual terms, they are still present.

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