Difference between Personality and Character with definitions and explanation

The difference between personality and character has led to different studies and analyzes in the field of psychology. Apart from the different theories, these concepts have their own qualities that allow them to be differentiated. It is clear that these are used to refer to particular behaviors of a person.


Essentially, personality is a set of characteristics by which a person is unique. Also, it is a set of innate traits and qualities that define a person. Therefore, the baby develops a personality as he grows and increases his social and cultural interaction with his environment. In addition, according to these traits, some personalities can be differentiated such as: funny, confident, nervous, shy, distrustful, sensitive, affectionate, outgoing, insensitive, serious, among others.

On the other hand, according to ‘Freud’ the personality of an individual develops with the interaction with the environment, nature and unconscious processes. This presents has five phases, according to his theory of affective-sexual development.

– Oral : from 0 to 18 months. All things oral are fixed.

– Anal : from 18 months to 3 years. It has to do with stool and the development of the ability to control toilet bowls.

– Phallic: 3 to 5 years. Stage in which he discovers his genitals and they become a source of pleasure.

– Lactation : from 5 to 12 years. Healthy sexual feelings for the opposite sex appear at this stage.

– Genital: From 12 years old. Sexual behaviors and feelings begin.

Personality types

According to studies carried out, it has been possible to differentiate 16 types, including:

  • The Inspector : At first glance they are intimidating, serious and formal. This type of personality makes the individual quiet, reserved, correct and calm.
  • Brilliant mind : they only represent 3% of the world’s population, they are outgoing, reserved, self-sufficient and they like to be alone.
  • The leader : charismatic and with a unique self-confidence, they project authority that draws crowds.
  • The counselor : they are idealistic, imaginative and creative, with brilliant ideas.
  • The provider : social and outgoing people. They like to interact and make others laugh, they have humor, and they love being the center of attention.
  • Loyal : a person committed to himself and to society. Individualistic, sensitive, reserved, temperamental.


First of all, the character is a word derived from the Greek verb ‘Kharasso’, which means ‘to coin or engrave’. It is defined as a set of values ​​and beliefs that define the behavior of the human being towards ‘others and towards himself’. Thus, the formation of character in a person comes from the interaction of man with his social environment, determining and controlling the behavior of the individual.

On the other hand, another meaning of character is ‘part of the acquired personality, which is formed throughout life, depending on psychological, social and cultural influences’. Finally, character can be modifiable, educable, acquired, and can be modeled and controlled in its various external manifestations.

Character types 

  • -Nervous: he is hypersensitive.
  • -Sentimental: sensitive
  • -Colérico: presents moments of outburst.
  • -Passionate: it is nostalgic.
  • -Sanguineous: he is selfish and greedy.
  • -Flematic: not very expressive
  • -Apathic: pessimistic.

Difference between Personality and Character

  1. -The personality represents qualities and innate traits of the person. Instead, character is formed as the person grows.
  2. -The personality is not modifiable but the character is.
  3. -Basically the personality is related to the person’s own way of being. In contrast, character is directly related to the way a person manifests his personality.
  4. -The constitution of the personality is inherited but that of the character is acquired, that is, learned.

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