What is Resources definition/concept

The term can be considered as any element used to achieve a certain purpose. Thus, for example, it is possible to talk about economic resources, human resources, intellectual resources, renewable resources , etc. From this perspective, every resource is an element or set of elements that serves to mediate a higher goal. Given the breadth of the definition, it is obvious that this term is used in a number of areas and circumstances. However, there are some areas where their use has well-defined limits due to the importance of this particular type of resource.

A type of resource mentioned assiduously and of great importance in the economy is the so-called natural resource. This expression refers to every element extracted from nature that serves for the production of goods and services. Natural resources may have limited availability in some cases, while in others, unlimited. In fact, at times there are resources that, because of natural processes, are constantly renewed: this is the case of natural resources. For the latter case, we can refer to some energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro, etc.

In the field of psychology, the term refers to a person’s ability to deal with the difficulties of the environment. They can consist of work skills, attitudes, the ability to relate to others, etc. In this sense, the resources have the function of keeping the person healthy from a psychic point of view. In fact, when people are overwhelmed by outer circumstances, when problems are impossible to resolve with the inner tools they have, it is quite possible to fall into depression or some stressful situation.

And finally, it is worth highlighting the economic resources. They are the ones who guarantee the development of a company, family or person. On some occasions, these resources may become scarce and it is advisable to assess the possibility of accessing external financing on a temporary basis. The relationship between the economic resources produced and those consumed largely shows the health panorama and the good functioning of the agent in question from an economic point of view.

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