What is Personal Identity definition/concept

Identity allows a person to be recognized, hence personal identity defines an individual . We must be aware of the importance of identity, since we have a memory and without it, our own recognition would be impossible. In fact, when a person loses his memory it means he loses his very essence.

Personal identity becomes unknown when we change from a physical and cognitive point of view , but it is evident that the transformation process does not change when we are convinced that we are the same person at all times. This is a contradictory idea, as we change every day and at the same time we don’t change at all.

To have a criterion of personal identity, it is necessary to develop the concept of intimacy, as this is acquired in childhood from the moment a child learns to distinguish an idea from others

When the notion of “I” is consolidated, the subject begins to understand who he really is. Let’s think and observe around us, the human being has a physical body with feelings and ideas in relation to its interior. It’s a kind of intimate dialogue and this characteristic is a part of our personal identity.

In another sense, the identity of nationality is acquired from the moment one belongs to a family or social group

Our individuality can be shared by others and external factors determine the individual’s perception of who we are. Nationality, language and traditions are cultural traits internalized by each one of us.

From an external point of view, there are personal data that involve the description of one’s identity. Although in a technical and even administrative sense, the set of information related to oneself remarkably influences self-awareness. We have a name, a date of birth and a series of data that convey information about one’s individuality.

There is a biological component to the concept of personal identity

Not just because of external physical traits, but because our bodies express a part of who we are as people. The knowledge of the human genome started a new path in the definition of the human being, consequently, it is possible to determine which biological factors determine our personality .

Finally, we must know that the human being is the only living organism capable of thinking about itself, more precisely, about its personal identity.

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