What is Alcorexia/meaning/concept/elaboration

Alcorexia is a type of eating disorder that consists of replacing food with alcohol. The term alcoorexia is also known as drunkolexia (druko means drunk in English). In general, this disorder is related to the desire to lose weight. Thus, people who have this disorder believe that calories from food can be replaced by calories from alcohol. With this behavior they achieve a weight reduction, but the consequences are harmful to health. Alcorexia

Bulimia, anorexia and alcoorexia

Bulimia and anorexia are known eating disorders, but in recent years alcohol abuse has also been part of this list. According to studies carried out, cases of alcoorexia are the majority among the female population, as women are more concerned with their weight and physical appearance. It should be noted that socially there are two established ideals: being thin and alcohol being part of a normalized social life . These two considerations favor the recent phenomenon of Alcorexia.

In practice, people who suffer from this disorder drastically reduce their diet in order to consume a greater amount of alcohol.

Alcoholics experts say that there are a number of behaviors that serve as warning signs: running away from food, not sitting at the table, going to the bathroom frequently after eating, vomiting frequently or claiming that you ate when not, this is not true. .

Health consequences of Alcorexia

Basically there are two types of consequences, short term and long term. Drinking large amounts of alcohol without consuming food causes mobility problems, a risk of accident that can lead to a state of ethylic coma and in some cases lead to death. In the long term, this disorder can lead to liver problems such as cirrhosis, significant weight loss and a strong addiction to alcohol. Alcorexia

To treat this disorder, it is recommended to combine psychiatric treatment with adequate nutrition rules and, at the same time, that the family and personal environment of each patient can be part of the cure for the person affected by this pathology. As in most cases of disorders, the most important thing is prevention, and for this it is convenient for parents to supervise their children’s lifestyle. Alcorexia

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