What is Alcorexia physical consequences and Alcohol treatment


Although its name is unknown to many, its incidence is increasing. Alcorexia is a very serious eating disorder that is present in today’s society. Its main characteristic is that the person suffering from this disorder chooses to replace the calories provided by nutrients and food with those found in alcoholic beverages , with the aim of losing weight.

Not eating food can cause, in the long term, an anemic process that is difficult to remit. If, in addition, we add the damage caused to various organs of our body by regular consumption of alcohol, excessive and fasting, the danger increases terribly. This disease is a double problem: the mixture of an eating disorder and alcohol addiction. Let’s see, in detail, what it consists of.

stop eating to drink

People suffering from Alcorexia are very concerned about their weight, but they don’t go to a nutritionist or a specialist doctor to be guided with an adequate metabolic diet. As with other eating disorders (EDD ), their obsession causes them to stop eating without professional supervision, along with an extra risk factor: drinking alcohol in large quantities.

The main objective of these people is to lose weight by performing two actions. On the one hand, inhibiting food intake, and on the other, consuming alcohol without restrictions. The latter is considered to be a substitute for your diet. The danger to health is such that, in several cases, those affected end up dying.


Experts agree that Alcorexia is an unspecified type of eating disorder that, in many cases, is accompanied by bulimia and anorexia. On several occasions, these people induce vomiting to eliminate excess calories from ingested alcohol.

However, there may also be people with Alcorexia without it occurring along with another eating disorder. That is, they eat little and poorly, and usually drink a lot.

physical consequences of Alcorexia

The most serious consequence of Alcorexia is alcoholic coma. A high amount of alcohol in the blood can cause this condition. If, in addition, we add the fact that not having food in the stomach facilitates a faster absorption of alcohol,  we can say that the organism collapses. He can’t counteract such dehydration. So, ethyl overdose can cause cirrhosis and, consequently, death.

In addition, malnutrition and anemia are usually its two most obvious symptoms. Thus, low levels of vitamins and minerals cause a chain reaction in the body: hair loss, amenorrhea , muscle weakness, difficulty sleeping well, lack of concentration, etc.

More consumption, greater tolerance

The difficulty in giving up any addiction is the growing need to consume an increasing amount of this substance to achieve the same effect. This phenomenon is also known as tolerance . For example: on the first day, with two doses of alcohol we can feel a pleasant sensation. On the third day, we need three doses. After two weeks, we drank five shots. And so progressively, until the required amounts are gigantic.

This same phenomenon also occurs in Alcorexia. Thus, each time affected people adopt this behavior, they need a greater intake of alcoholic beverages to manage to curb their appetite. It’s an endless cycle.

risk population

Currently we have noticed an increase in alcohol consumption among young people and adolescents. On many occasions they skip meals because they know they will consume alcohol during the night. In addition, among these groups, women tend to be much more concerned about their physical appearance at this age,  although the topic is not completely ignored by men, who are also very insecure about their identity and body image.

Therefore, particularly at this age, parents must be aware of possible indicators of this type of risky behavior . It is essential to promote preventive education and alert them through dialogue about the problems that can be caused both by deprivation of food and by excess alcohol. Even more so in this period, when they are still in full growth and psychological development .

Alcorexia treatment

Alcorexia is a type of eating disorder that is not yet included in the main manuals of psychological diagnosis. However, its treatment must be carried out in an integral way. On the one hand, a clinical and toxicological control must be carried out, with blood tests that allow knowing the initial state and evolution of the patient. On the other hand, psychological therapy and nutritional monitoring are also extremely necessary . This not only applies to the person suffering from this eating disorder, but also to those closest to them.

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