What is Poverty definition/concept/elaboration

This is one of the biggest problems in the world today which, paradoxically, together with an incessant wave of innovations, forgets the less fortunate and abandoned, postponing them in time. One of the consequences of capitalism that does not forgive those who do not know how to follow or simply because they did not have the conditions and opportunities to adapt. Poverty

Poverty is the social and economic situation in which an individual or a group somehow lacks the basic elements for personal subsistence

Poverty is a reality that can be analyzed from several perspectives. It is often said that a nation is poor when the majority of the population does not have their basic needs met. Basic needs are water and food, housing and medical care. There are other needs that are very important (schooling is an example), but that are secondary in relation to the basic. The causes that give rise to misery are diverse. The limitation of natural resources is extremely important, as are the lack of infrastructure, low literacy rates, the lack of employment prospects , the level of industrialization and a series of aspects that can also influence.

If the analyzed poverty applies to an individual, their personal and family context and the community in which they live are essential factors to understand it.

The concept of poverty is of a relative nature. An individual with a poor kind of life in a rich country would be middle class in an underdeveloped country. In this sense, even in the most advanced countries there is poverty, especially on the outskirts of large cities.

To fight poverty and try to eradicate it, there are international organizations and NGOs working to reduce it. However, the campaigns carried out only serve to minimize pauperization.

According to analysts of this global problem, humanity has enough resources to end the problem

One of the proposed measures is to allocate 0.7% of national wealth to international cooperation. This initiative has been widely applauded, although it is still not generally effective.

Although poverty is a measurable reality from an economic perspective, it must be taken into account that it is a broader concept , as wealth does not prevent other types of poverty. Some thinkers believe that the loss of values ​​such as solidarity , altruism and empathy are an expression of poverty.

There are some thoughts that justify poverty as an unavoidable reality, which states that there has always been and will always be rich and poor.

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