What is Trophic Network definition/concept

Following the trail of etymology, it is possible to understand the meaning of the concepts. In this case, trophic comes from the Greek trophos, which means food; and network is what links different entities. Consequently, the trophic network is a set of links related to food .

The energy that the sun provides to our planet is vital for the maintenance of ecosystems

There are tiny ecosystems (like a small dam) or gigantic ones (like a rainforest). On the other hand, plants of any ecosystem are those that transform the energy of the sun into energy chemistry. This transformation process is photosynthesis and allows plants to release oxygen so that living beings can breathe.

In this way, we have an explanatory structure in the form of a network. There are three interrelated elements: the sun, plants and the rest of living beings. Trophic Network

A trophic network means that the chemical energy of organisms passes from one organism to another through the food chain.

Nature can be understood as a pyramid of several specific levels. Each level would be a different link in the food chain and is called a trophic level. Plants form the first step, the base of the pyramid, providing energy for the rest of living beings. The next tier is formed by primary consumers, that is, most animals.

On a next level are animals that feed on other animals directly or indirectly. As a general rule, as you climb the pyramid, so does the size of individuals. Also as a general rule, the number of individuals is smaller the higher their position in the pyramid. Trophic Network

This pyramidal structure of nature serves to understand the linear relationship between individuals, which is called the trophic chain.

However, the relationships between ecosystems are more complicated, they create a kind of interconnection between all related individuals, that is, a trophic network. Thus, the set of trophic chains forms an even larger set, the trophic network.

Scientists who study ecosystems use the term trophic to refer to the food chain of a particular habitat. The consolidation and maintenance of a trophic network depends on many factors and one of them is the participation of the human being, who is part of the pyramid of nature and is the one with the greatest capacity to influence the balance of different levels.

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