What is Evolution definition/concept/elaboration

Evolution is called the scientific theory that tries to explain the existence of different species that inhabit the planet. Evolution had its peak from the work of Charles Darwin, who considered that there were relationships in observable organisms in the present through indirect evidence from the past. This evolution was at one time an element of controversy among those who believed that a religious view was incompatible with this scientific theory; controversy that largely extends to the present day.

Evolution approaches that existing organisms are derived from each other, a circumstance produced randomly and in accordance with adaptation criteria . Thus, each member of a species exhibits small genetic variations that also replicate when reproducing. Variations that account for a better adaptation become more common, while the others disappear. This circumstance gives rise to new species whose characteristics are related to the environmental circumstances that they lived historically.

The Darwin’s theoryunderwent several revisions with the findings found. However, it can be said that it remains in force. Currently, the main question that is asked is trying to decipher how the first organism originated. This is considered a common ancestor to all existing ones and would be the first exponent of how evolution has affected us with its processes. This leads us to question how matter can be formed in such a short period of time and be able to maintain a homeostatic balance, in addition to the possibility of replication. In fact, there are many theories that try to explain this phenomenon, assuming that there are necessary elements that prove the emergence of life. However, it is still a mystery how an organism can be formed, in addition to guaranteeing its reproduction in the characteristics of the planet when life originated. No doubt,agreement .

In man, evolution shows that going from being a simple hominid to using your reasoning ability has affected nature. In this sense, this theory is not without controversy and doubts.

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