What is Oral Expression definition/concept

The term oral expression refers to all communication carried out through the word. In man, oral expression is part of the use of an innate faculty that enables him to systematically articulate sounds and communicate. Oral expression is one of the first complex forms of human expression, whether from the history of humanity or from the history of each person . In fact, orality is a way of expressing oneself prior to the written word and it is on this that writing develops later.

The rise of man on the face of the earth has meant the ability of a species to communicate through the use of sounds at a level of complexity that no other species can achieve. In fact, man has shown in countless situations the possibilities that this characteristic entails, in a way that allows the transmission of complex and abstract ideas. This ability must be considered innate, as it has similarities in all societies studied in history. This means that despite the differences in languages, there are some aspects that remain unchanged and are a genetically determined essence. Thus, oral expression, that is, the ability to articulate sounds in a complex way, is a quality genetically determined.

Through this essence and the innate ability to communicate, languages ​​and their variety of characteristics have developed. Languages ​​have some rules that were socially formed and that changed over time, although always in a systematic way, that is, there are consequences in the formation of a particular language. Thus, it is possible to consider two types of elements and rules in the formation of a language : those genetically determined, that is, those present in every person due to the fact that they belong to the human species; and those formed by social interaction , which can change over time.

Oral expression is an innate ability of man that is largely responsible for the distance that separates man from the rest of the animals. In fact, it is related to the ability to reason and articulate meaning to explain how communication works in the world around us.

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