What is Satellite Image origin purpose characteristics and types

Satellite Image

A satellite image is a capture of information executed by a sensor. In other words, it is a photograph , today in color and large in terms of pixels. Said representation is the product of a device that is located above the airspace under the management of NASA or another specialized organization.

Photography gathers information about what happens in space, on the outskirts of planet earth. Although, the images made of the moon, Mars, asteroids, planets, galaxies and stars also fall within the range of satellite images . That is, an image of any object that exists in outer space captured by a sensor.

What is the origin story of satellite imagery?

The first thing to know is where a satellite image comes from. The answer is found in an artificial satellite, which is a set of technological devices sent in a rocket. Among its components are several cameras, computers, systems, sensors and antennas that help capture information.

The first satellite image was taken two years after the maiden launch of an artificial satellite . The achievement was taken by the United States, when Explorer 6 took a photograph without color and few pixels of a portion of the earth . In which the Pacific Ocean was visualized covered in sunlight and with a large cloud around it. The Soviet Union was not far behind and achieved a photograph of the lunar surface in the same year of 1959.

It took until 1972 to get a full image of the Earth. Well, on the Apollo 17 mission, the crew captured the blue marble , which became one of the most famous in history. From there, various programs were applied with the intention of obtaining more information about our planet from space.

What are satellite image used for?

The function of a satellite image is to provide information to the agency that controls the sensor. In that sense, there is a wide range of data that can be collected, which is why there is a classification of satellites. The idea is to have a photograph of a wide area and taken from the heights.

The fact that the satellite is in space does not mean that the photo is going to look small. Well, the camera lens with current technology allows you to zoom in and capture the surface correctly.

What are the characteristics of satellite images?

At present, the images have different characteristics from the first ones that were taken. In this sense, it is valid to say that any photo has brilliant color and sharpness , since the pixel level is high. Although, there are factors such as a cloud that can shadow the space.

What are the types of satellite images?

IKONOS:  Possesses spatial details and positional precision. These images are used for base mapping, GPS applications, and visualization. They are excellent for urban planning, use in GIS systems, infrastructure / transportation, among others. It offers much utility in agriculture, forestry, natural resources and land use applications.

IRS : They offer greater coverage and very competitive costs, given their high resolution they are excellent for urban planning, mapping/infrastructure management, among others.

Landsat:  They are excellent for land use / land cover applications, contain a lot of information and are ideal for environmental investigations.

Radarsat/ERS/JERS:  Works under cloudy or dark conditions. They are ideal for monitoring geological, coastal and open water features.

How are satellite images taken?

Satellite photography is generated by means of an artificial satellite. A structure that has a set of cameras and sensors that are positioned in the direction of the earth. In the same way, it has a computer that is managed remotely.

Thus, workers and researchers control the system in search of information on the surface. When observing something interesting such as a change, movement or grouping, they have the power to move the camera lens. So you can take the best possible photo.

In what is agriculture, the associations in charge monitor the terrestrial surface in order to control the soil . Thus, by means of satellite sensors it is possible to measure if a soil is good for planting. Also the movement of tectonic plates.

Examples of satellite image

Among the most famous examples are the blue marble and the lunar surface marble. However, there are multiple cases of satellite images. In this sense, in the field of communications, today’s television shows many examples. It is valid to mention football matches where one of these devices sends the signal from one side to another.

In the same way, the aerial view of the cities is possible by satellite photographs. In fact, Google Maps works with this technology in which the global position is shown and it is valid to approach a specific point. On the other hand, much of the space photos were taken like this. Except for a few cases in which a giant telescope was used.

How can we apply Satellite Image?

• Development and urban planning.
•Mapping: planning, land use administration.
• Infrastructure: telephone, sewage, potable water, electricity, gas.
• Alignments, roads, canals, pipelines.
• Natural Resources: forestry, oil, mining, among others.
• Environmental Research: Hydrological basins, flood plains, vegetation
• Agriculture: Precision Agriculture and crop classification.
• Business or Business Geography: Real estate, tourism, vehicle tracking, industrial espionage.
• Quick responses to natural disasters.
• Military Affairs: Planning, simulation, monitoring, border mapping and other sensitive areas.

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