What is Wage Inequality definition/concept

In the capitalist economic system , workers’ wages are subject to several variables. Some of them are the collective agreement, qualification and work experience or conditions work in each sector. Although these criteria are applicable to all salaried workers, there is a reality that reveals a clear imbalance: men and women do not have the same salary . Wage Inequality

Thus, with the same academic qualifications and experience, men continue to earn more than women. This phenomenon receives a specific name: wage inequality .

A subject that can bring confusion

The average salary for men is usually higher than the average salary for women. In principle, this fact highlights some inequality, but the difference in wages has a logical explanation, since men and women do not work in the same sectors and at different hours; this results in lower wages for women. Wage Inequality

Consequently, the average wage is not an adequate parameter to measure wage differences between both sexes.

The concept of wage inequality becomes unfair when a basic labor principle is changed: the same job or the same wage. Thus, if João and Maria have the same academic background, experience and perform exactly the same professional activity within a company , any distinction in their salaries presupposes non-compliance with the principle of equality between men and women.

In Hollywood and the Porn Industry

Some Hollywood actresses have expressed their discomfort about the pay gap between the two sexes, as they believe that this imbalance has no justification whatsoever .

In the adult film industry, there is also a pay gap, but in the opposite direction, as pornographic actresses earn much more than actors.

between generations

The idea of ​​wage inequality is normally used in two senses: the difference in wages due to gender reasons and due to age. In the latter case, as a general rule, there are notable differences between what a 20-year-old adult earns and a 50-year-old adult doing the same type of work. Wage Inequality

In principle, this type of inequality could be justified, since the adult has more experience and logically should receive a higher salary for it. However, on occasion, generational wage inequality is a way of exploiting younger workers. Wage Inequality

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