What is American and Continental Breakfast/concept

The first meal in the morning presents all kinds of modality depending on the traditional cuisine of each country. However, most hotels with an international reputation have two breakfast versions: American and continental. American and Continental Breakfast

A typical American breakfast in hotel establishments

The breakfast appointed with a breakfast in the United States has a gastronomic cultural reference. Some of its basic ingredients are: fried bacon, pancake, fried or scrambled eggs, sausage, bread, toast and cereal mixed with milk. The drinks that accompany it can be: coffee, tea and juices. As you can see, the ingredients are rich in calories and protein, in addition to high glycemic levels. It is a breakfast that brings a lot of energy , but in most cases it is more energy than real food needs. Nutrition experts say that it is not advisable to abuse this type of breakfast. American and Continental Breakfast

Continental breakfast was curiously created in the United States to adapt to the culinary traditions of European tourists

This model of hotel breakfast is usually served as a buffet for customers to serve themselves according to their preferences. Its most common ingredients are: toast with butter or jam, cakes, yogurts, cheeses, sausages and tea or coffee as an accompaniment. Continental breakfast is lighter than American and does not include cooked food (eg fried eggs and bacon). As for its name, it is called that because it is quite similar to the traditional breakfast on the European continent .

The most important food of the day

When we sleep we consume energy, so breakfast allows our metabolic functions to be put into practice properly. Not eating breakfast is one of the worst measures a person can take, as it weakens the body and develops diseases. American and Continental Breakfast

Contrary to what it may seem, forgoing breakfast increases the chances of gaining weight, as we are forced to snack throughout the day and with that we end up gaining weight. The ultimate goal of this meal is to provide enough energy for the rest of the journey.

Good breakfast foods should be high in fiber and low in carbohydrates. A good example would be the following: wholegrain bread toast with fresh cheese or olive oil, low-fat yogurt with fruit or nuts, accompanied by natural juice, coffee or tea. American and Continental Breakfast

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