What is Melomania definition/concept

Free time is one of the main fun pleasures in a person’s life . Music is present in most people’s lives, however, not in the same way and intensity. The melomaniac is an example of a person who feels music with such passion that he makes it the center of his existence. In other words, he is a person who dedicates time and money to enjoy this art. Melomania

passion for music

Therefore, the melomaniac regularly attends the musical performances of his favorite singers. Prioritizes and saves in other areas so you can enjoy the pleasure of music, which you have as an emotional and real need . That is, for the melomaniac, happiness is in tune with this hobby that has already become a way of life.

Another of the melomaniac’s great pleasures is collecting music records and tapes. And when he gets a visit at home, he loves to show off his collection, this being his favorite place at home. Thanks to this constant contact with music, he also acquires a musical culture, that is, he becomes a person understood in the details that go unnoticed by others. Melomania

It is noteworthy that being a music lover does not mean being addicted to music, in other words, it is not seen as something negative. Simply because the music inspires an atmosphere of culture and optimism that nurtures the protagonist’s state of mind.

This is expressed, for example, in the opera. A genre of authentic cult for those lovers of a style that inspires emotions, life and intensity. It should be noted that unlike other hobbies, melomania is not a psychological disorder , but rather a personal restlessness that shows the interest of a person who enjoys the pleasure of music as a listener.

Origin of the term melomania

This concept was created by Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais, in the year 1781. A term that shows the fervor a person feels for a particular music group. From a historical point of view, we can know examples of people who were also adept at melomania. For example, the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein was an unconditional admirer of the pianist Felix Mendelssohn.

The melomaniac is one who focuses his discussions only on music. He holds a lot of knowledge about singers, musicians, composers and works. This kind of passion for music is not considered a disease because it endangers the protagonist’s life.

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