What is Limbic brain reptilian and neocortex brain and functions

Limbic, reptilian and neocortex brain

Our organism is an extremely complex system to understand due to its structure of interconnected organs and functions. In this sense, the brain is one of the most important organs, since it is the one that produces a series of functions that are transcendental to thought, motor skills and space-time coordination, among others. However, there are details that are sometimes overlooked when evaluating a person from a broader perspective. The fact is that, although there is a belief that the brain is a unified organism, in reality, this is nothing more than a fallacy. In this article we will provide you the information about the Limbic, reptilian and neocortex brain.

limbic brain

The limbic or mammalian cerebrum is the sector of the cerebral system located below the neocortex . It is considered as the structure linked to the emotional processing of stimuli that come from the outside. Within this type of brain can be found components of the limbic system that determine the basic functions for the survival of the individual.

Next, we will talk about the functions of the limbic brain :

  • Emotional expression.
  • Development of affective displays.
  • Increased emotional responses in social cycles.
  • Participation in group dynamics.
  • Empathy support.
  • Propagation of the feeling of falling in love with another person.
  • Decline in stress levels.

The limbic brain, therefore, can engage in various activities that allow it to function and plays an important role in the development of social interactions. For this reason, it is not possible to analyze people exclusively from a biological perspective, but it must also be taken into account how society influences them.

reptilian brain

The reptilian brain is another of the central nuclei of the human brain system. In general terms, we could say that it plays a central role in the survival of each person in their environment and makes us act instinctively. As its name implies, this type of brain derives from the term “reptile”, the origin of the qualities that this animal possesses.

The main functions of the reptilian brain are:

  • Mobilization of behaviors as responses to environmental stimuli.
  • Regulation of vital functions.
  • Maintenance of balance.
  • Control of muscle movements.

Considering its structure, research has determined that the reptilian brain incorporates the basal ganglia, cerebellum, reticular formation, and brainstem, among others. Without the participation of the reptilian brain, it would be impossible for a person to survive the changes that can happen in his life over time. However, it is important to highlight that alert levels must work correctly for this sector of the brain to perform well.

neocortex brain

This region of the cerebral cortex is directly related to the development of human qualities . For example, the ability to respond through words, gestures, looks, thoughts and actions that human beings can use within their social circles. Animals, on the other hand, cannot use these capabilities, since they do not share the same codes as human beings. Below we highlight some of the main uses of the neocortex brain :

  • Development of language-related processes.
  • Construction of concrete and abstract thoughts.
  • Possibility of symbolizing ideas.
  • Face recognition.
  • Perception of other people.
  • Capacity of self-perception .
  • Resolution of concrete and abstract problems.
  • Development of the auditory system.
  • Ability to learn innovative activities.
  • Acquisition of behavioral habits.

Therefore, the importance of this type of brain is crucial for the basic functioning of a human being, because it interferes in the vast majority of emotions, thoughts and behaviors. The neocortex brain developed progressively over time and, in the past, human beings lacked the resources that exist today. Considering prehistoric times, we can conclude that it positively influenced a large number of manifestations that developed from specific needs.

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