How to be more charismatic with 11 keys to being more charismatic

How to be more charismatic

We tend to associate successful people with a charismatic personality, as a result of the socially created association that charismatic people do well in life. However, there is no understanding of what it means to be a charismatic personality and how it influences a person’s everyday life. 

Can anyone be more charismatic? Unlike some other personality traits, charisma can be modified with hard work and effort. This personality characteristic is based on a very clear principle: the high self-esteem of the charismatic person. Therefore, there is no better way to increase your charisma than to increase your self-esteem. To do this, we recommend a series of guidelines or tips that will increase your charisma:

  1. Do exercise. Being an active person increases your physical condition, which will make you look and feel better. In addition, your body will release a series of endorphins that will help you to be more cheerful and energetic.
  2. Be positive. People avoid the company of those who only see the bad side of things. Get into the habit of seeing all the positive aspects of your life. If you find something difficult, try to approach it from a more positive perspective. Practice exercises to be more positive.
  3. Don’t compare yourself to others. Each person is unique, so if you constantly compare yourself to others, you will only lower your self-esteem. Here’s how to stop comparing yourself to others.
  4. Take care of your image. There’s nothing like looking good to get others to see you as good. Feeling physically and emotionally confident will make you more secure.
  5. Improve your speaking ability. We recommend using open-ended questions in your conversations, which will make others feel more involved in your conversations.
  6. Be humble , but confident at the same time. Allow yourself to be praised for your accomplishments, but always humbly accept them. You have to learn to show a kind and grateful character.

Characteristics of a charismatic person

It was the sociologist Max Weber who first considered that a person’s charisma allowed him to exercise a form of powerHe realized that charismatic leaders had the ability to lead the rest of the citizenry through the recognition of an extraordinary personality. What makes a person charismatic? Charismatic people have the following characteristics:

  • Charismatic people have the ability to make themselves heard , and not only that, but they are also able to get their ideas across and get others to share their thoughts. However, they don’t just want to be heard.
  • They also listen to the people around them and in this way make them feel appreciated. Charismatics are people who do not consider their ideas and thoughts better than others, so they are always open to new ideas.
  • They tend to create and inspire confidence in others. Charismatic people know that a leader who is unreliable will soon cease to be a leader because he will no longer be a reference person for others. That’s why they recognize, accept and correct their mistakes, showing that they are aware of their virtues and limitations.
  • They are not conformist people , their eagerness to improve is very characteristic, but not only to improve themselves, but also everything around them. Another characteristic of charismatic people is that if they realize that they have made mistakes, this dissatisfaction leads them to act to change them.
  • Regarding the previous point, it should be added that the fact that they achieve these changes is a consequence of their visionary and creative personality. They have a developed resourcefulness that helps them to think and act differently (but appropriately) from the way other people would act. This makes your solutions perceived by others as innovative and unique.
  • Unlike people who want to make themselves look better by underestimating others, charismatic people don’t criticize others , because they know that if people find out that they criticize them, they will no longer have their trust. In addition, they tend to use we rather than I , as self-centeredness is not a characteristic that is present in charismatic people.

11 keys to being more charismatic

How to be a more charismatic person? Here is a list of 11 keys that are meant to help you become more charismatic in your daily life:

  1. Pay attention to others. When having a conversation, focus all of your attention on that person. This will make the speaker feel unique, which will create a positive opinion of you.
  2. Always respond firmly. Often the conviction with which you give an answer is more important than the truth of the answer itself.
  3. Gesture when you speak. It has been observed that keeping your hands moving during a conversation makes the other person remember and pay more attention to your message. Here you can see the importance of hands and facial expression in non-verbal communication.
  4. Be genuinely interested in others. If people sense that you are interested in them, they will be interested in you in the future and want to spend time with you.
  5. Show your similarities to the people around you. People tend to gravitate towards those who are similar to them. Therefore, if you show all the similarities you have with others, it will make your company more attractive and people will tend to want to be around you.
  6. Don’t hide your vulnerability. As much as you might think that being vulnerable reduces your prestige, this is not true. We all know we have certain vulnerabilities and showing them confirms that you trust others.
  7. Make compliments. There is a small note to be made here, as they are supposed to be sincere compliments. People are drawn to people they know they like, so if you increase how often you compliment them, either by giving them credit or reminding them of their positive attributes, they’ll be more attracted to you.
  8. Show that you have an open mind. Charismatic people are flexible with their ideas and those of others. Thus, if you demonstrate that you are an objective and tolerant person, you will make the people around you feel safe by your side, as they will realize that their emotions and opinions are taken into account.
  9. Use persuasion to influence others. If a person feels compelled to change their mind, they will avoid sharing their ideas. However, if you can persuade her to change her attitude through credible arguments and persuasion, you will make her see you as charismatic.
  10. Respect others. This is one of the best qualities humans can have.
  11. Laugh and make you laugh. Laughter breaks down barriers between people, so learn to laugh at yourself, joke around and use humor This will make people around you enjoy your positive energy.

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