What is Femicide definition/concept/elaboration

Femicide, in its most common meaning, can be defined as the murder of a woman for reasons of sex persecution.

However, several feminist groups consider this definition incomplete, since, in their view, femicide does not only include homicides, but rather a whole set of violations related to women’s human rights due to their gender. Thus, femicide also includes abuse, rape and sexual exploitation.

The concept of feminicide had its origins in the Anglo-Saxon term feminicide, used for several decades and that did not add anything to the concept we know today, especially during the 90s of the last century thanks to authors Jill Radford and Diana Russell. Feminicide was adapted to Portuguese and Spanish as feminicide by activist Marcela Lagarde.

Characteristics of femicide

Femicide does not have the same characteristics in all countries, and each society manifests a series of particularities that are characterized in relation to the others. According to the figures, more than half of the murders committed each year for reasons of gender worldwide take place within the husband x wife relationship or in front of the figure of the ex.

On the other hand, many of these femicides are not only present with machismo as the main cause, in certain occasions, the main reason is misogyny . Above all, in all cases where the aggressor is a stranger and acts without apparent provocation, as well as not committing sexual aggression, it can be said that misogyny is the most frequent factor.

It is such a strong feeling of hatred towards women that it can lead to a murder whose objective is to eliminate any individual of that gender.

But these are not the only femicides committed, as official statistics do not include crimes committed by parents, children or clients of prostitution, as well as pimps. That is why it is important to take a closer look at these femicides, as many crimes of this kind tend to go unnoticed.

In this case, not using the femicide category leads to ignorance of the main characteristics of this type of crime, since all types of violence against women end in murder , as shown by official sources.

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