What is DJ definition/concept/elaboration

This abbreviation corresponds to the word disc jockey, which can be translated as disc operator. Thus, a DJ is the person who is dedicated to mixing or playing music from different types of sounds.

In musical terminology the DJ is distinguished from the producer DJ. The latter is the one who creates the bases and rhythms of an original song, while the former is the one who reproduces the music that has already been recorded and his activity is aimed at entertaining the audience. From a technical point of view, the DJ uses various resources such as groove, remix, breakbeat and scratch.

The phenomenon is directly related to technological evolution and new electronic music genres

The first DJ’s appeared in the 1920s when radio became a mass media aimed at entertainment. Then, the word DJ became popular, which was the radio professional who made the selection of records for the emission of musical programs.

Around 1940, the first mixing consoles appeared in Great Britain, consisting of two cymbals, an amplifier, a microphone and several speakers. In 1950, approximately, two record players appeared in the United States as a technical novelty .

In a few years, popular parties incorporated DJ’s who became authentic supporters of all kinds of musical events for large audiences

From 1960 onwards, new mixing systems were introduced, such as the CMA-10-2DL, beatmatching and slip-cueing (the latter technique consists of placing your hand on the disc while it spins).

With disco music, the DJ conquered a new dimension and in every discotheque became an authentic animator of the night. In the 80s, musical themes were mixed with programmed machines and in this way a new musical genre emerged: techno. Currently, DJ’s are authentic stars of electronic music and other genres such as house, trance and dubstep.

The current world of DJ

Some artists are true media idols and a reference for popular parties around the world. There are several rankings about DJ’s: the most famous, the richest or the most listened to.

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