What is Generation Y definition/concept

Between 1982 and 1994, those who form the Y generation were born. In the popular language they are also known as the millennial, millennial generation, Peter Pan or boomerang generation. They are the children of Generation X. Generation Y

A general profile

Sociologists have analyzed millennials‘ mindsets and lifestyles. They stand out for their innovative language and their consumption habits. Like the previous generations that preceded them, the Y once again changed the “rules of the game“. It is about youth fully integrated into a globalized world where there are no borders.

Its cultural identity is directly associated with the internet and social networks. They naturally handle memes, likes and online purchases. Some analysts believe that this generation suffers from chronic anxiety and fears losing itself in the anonymity of the crowd. They are “multitasking” people able to identify with very different roles (a millennial can be a DJ, surfer, influencer, nerd, movie buff and runner at the same time). Generation Y

They are considered the most plural and eclectic generation in history. Although his contacts on social networks are very numerous, his personal relationships are unstable and short-lived. They don’t get along with the traditional hierarchical thoughts of the working world and prefer to combine work with pleasure. Y’s are hedonists and consider being young to be sexy and fun. They have abandoned conventional social utopias and focus on other demands and concerns (animal rights, solidarity projects , volunteering and support for the LGBT collective). On the economic front, they are open to crowdfounding projects. Millennials are travelers, bloggers and series lovers. Generation Y

Can’t imagine life without wifi and apps. When they go to a movie or a show, they buy tickets online and print them. From a psychological point of view, they stand out for their narcissism and for this reason they are known as “Generation Me”. According to most studies, this is a generation that lives comfortably in their parents’ home and some of them suffer from Peter Pan syndrome. Generation Y

They don’t remember the world without internet

The technological revolution changed the lives of Y. In this sense, it consists of a generation that is completely unaware of how people lived before the new technologies. They probably never sent a handwritten letter.

They don’t know about leisure outside of social networks. They certainly haven’t consulted a conventional encyclopedic dictionary. They also don’t know what it’s like to play football in the street. Generation Y

From a technological point of view, they never used a discman, a cassette tape or a vinyl record. The use of paper maps and photo development are known through films.

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