What is Generation X definition/concept

People born between 1965 and 1981 share a culture and a way of understanding life. The term Generation X was created to designate those who are part of this social category . This generation coincided with a historic transitional moment, as they knew everyday life before the internet and now they know what it is like after. Generation X

It’s the adults who starred in the Baby Boom, they’re the parents of Generation Y.

A technological and social revolution that marked the lives of the X

Those who fall within this classification have witnessed the transition from analog during their childhood to digital in their maturity. In addition to profound technological changes, this generation has the historical memory of some significant social advances: the normalization of single mothers, tolerance to sexual diversity, the formation of new family models and ecological awareness.

This generation has known certain first-hand circumstances that these days practically no longer exist, such as playing ball in the street with other children or playing cards with grandparents. Generation X

Its youth cultural icons have become classics like Madonna, Michael Jackson and ET

They were direct witnesses of some transcendental episodes: the fall of the Berlin Wall, the disappearance of the Soviet Union, the repression of Tiananmen and the Pinochet dictatorship .

A general profile

According to most sociological studies, men and women are reasonably satisfied with their lives. They value job and family stability and accept the social hierarchy . From a psychological point of view, it is an emotionally balanced and active generation.

Most had parents with a traditional mindset and now have children connected to social networks. The women in this group were the first to normally integrate the labor market and the men learned to share household chores with their wives. As fathers and mothers of Y, you need to make efforts to understand the mindsets of this new generation. Generation X

Other classifications

Sociologists have created various denominations to refer to different generations.

  • – Those born between 1917 and 1939 are called S, as they lived under the cultural weight of stricter moral values .
  • – Those who were born between 1940 and 1961 are part of the Sandwich generation, because even though they knew firsthand the traditional schemes of the past, they knew the non-conformist spirit of the 60s.
  • – The Y, also known as millennials, were born in 1981 and have adapted perfectly to the Internet revolution.
  • – The nor-nem generation refers to those who are currently between 16 and 26 years old and receive this name because many of them do not study or work.
  • – OZ or centennials were born from 1995 and are digital natives since childhood. Generation X

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