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Tips for writing a good essay/essay text/Characteristics of a dissertation

What is an essay text?

The dissertation text – or dissertation – is a type of text, of a theoretical nature, which has the main objective of exposing a theme. Tips for writing a good essay

In general, a good dissertation comprises a detailed exposition on the topic. Therefore, it is essential that the author person demonstrates extensive knowledge on the subject.

The main characteristic of this type of text is the ability to arouse reflection in what you are reading. Whether through expositions or arguments.

In other words: the intention of the text is to generate the ability to think about that subject, based on facts or opinions. Tips for writing a good essay

This makes the dissertation text necessary at all levels of schooling and with different degrees of complexity: from high school to master’s and doctorate ; from school subjects to the ENEM exam and entrance exams.

Characteristics of a dissertation

The main features of this type of text are:

  • Treat a topic in depth.
  • Have the ability to generate reflections on what you are reading.
  • Expose facts and data and/or present a point of view or opinion.

Types of Dissertation Text

There are two types of essay texts: argumentative and expository. Let’s talk about each of them.

Argumentative essay text

The argumentative essay text has the main objective of convincing someone about some subject.

In this context, the idea is for the author to make a critical analysis, based on facts and data from a central thesis.

At the end of the day, one must reflect on the matter and defend a point of view. That is: the author must give his opinion on the subject and then show evidence and justifications. Tips for writing a good essay

expository essay text

The expository essay text, on the other hand, is not intended to convince someone with its arguments.

The intention is to expose knowledge about a topic , from the presentation of the context, from the objective analysis of the facts and concepts that involve it.

That is why, in general, this type of text is based on unquestionable facts, such as news in the media.

The main features of the expository text are: Tips for writing a good essay

  • Use clear and assertive language.
  • Present information on the subject.
  • Explain features of the theme in detail.
  • Use enumerations and comparisons.
  • Bring some examples.

How to make a dissertation text?

Now that you already know what it is and what are the characteristics of an essay text, let’s get to work.

Here are 11 tips for writing good copy:

1. Start with the structure of an essay text

And structure is quite important for this type of text. This is because the elements of the structure build logical thinking. It is much simpler to write assertive and clear content from it. Tips for writing a good essay

At this point, it is essential to understand that each element has a specific function within the text structure.

So, more important than the delimitation of each element, is the distribution of information in them. I mean, the contents should be in their right places 


The introduction of the text must comprise two main parts: the first, with the presentation of the theme; and the second with the explanation of the point of view.

Also, it is important that the introduction arouse people’s interest to read the text. In this sense, it may contain:

  • General information Tips for writing a good essay
  • Historical and philosophical context
  • Quote
  • Comparison
  • Relevant questions on the topic.


After presenting the theme, it’s time to put the arguments into play.

Explore all your convictions and opinions and present information that substantiates them in detail. It is important that you bring true data and facts to base your opinion.


The conclusion of the text can be done in two ways: in the form of a synthesis or with a proposal for a solution.

In the case of synthesis, all arguments must be summarized and the opinion reaffirmed. The idea is to complete the reasoning that was built throughout the development.

If it is a proposal for a solution, the resolution of the central problems of the theme must be presented, based on your opinion and arguments. Tips for writing a good essay

2. Research a lot on the topic

You already know that the essay text requires you to present in-depth information about the subject. Right?

To do this, do a lot of research on the topic. Seek enough knowledge to stay on top of the main facts, data and arguments on the subject.

3. Choose a text type and keep until the end

Right at the beginning, you need to choose between an argumentative or expository text. After that, keep the style until the end.

4. Analyze the proposal calmly

Understanding the utterance is fundamental to writing a good text. Double your attention when reading about the topic and type of writing. Tips for writing a good essay

5. What, who, how, where and why?

Answering these questions can help structure the text and make the information linear, chronological and with a logical argumentation.

These questions are the basis of any journalistic text, as they guide the reader to the essential items for understanding the text.

6. Prioritize your arguments and build logical thinking

When studying on the topic, you will come to know several different arguments. But be careful: which of these arguments add relevant information to your text?

Prioritize writing about these arguments and build logical thinking from that.

7. Write clearly and assertively

I know you will need to respect a specific number of lines or pages. Try to write them from relevant arguments.

The main objective should be to write clearly and assertively, so that everyone understands what you have written. Try not to stuff sausage  Tips for writing a good essay

8. Pay attention to the Portuguese language

It’s no use having relevant arguments, but making grotesque Portuguese mistakes.

Attention to grammar is essential for you to write a good text.

A tip is: if you have doubts about how to write a word, for example, and it is not possible to consult, don’t risk it. Think of synonyms that you are sure of the spelling. 

9. Don’t forget the title of your text

Under no circumstances do you write to define a title for your text. It should be done last, but it’s critical that it be creative and objective. An essay without a title is like a book without a cover.

10. Do a review

Proofreading is essential to correct Portuguese and typing errors.

But not only that. When you read the text a second time, it becomes easier to identify problems in structure and argument. Tips for writing a good essay

11. Beware of references

Be careful when using   outdated or uncertain references . If you’re not sure, it’s best not to write the information in the text. .

Your text loses a lot of points when the references are not exact. After all, their arguments are based on references. Tips for writing a good essay

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