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What is battery of questions/Advantages/Example

A battery of questions is an instrument used in research with the aim of delving into the answers given by the participants.

This tool has a series of questions and instructions, which are written in sequence, coherently and organized according to the planning of the process, in order to obtain the necessary information for the study.

A battery of questions is made through a questionnaire , since this is one of the most effective data collection methods for an investigation.

Advantages of using a battery of questions

Among the most notable benefits of using a battery of questions are the following:

  • The process is basic and easy to implement thanks to the use of questionnaires for data collection.
  • Unlike other types of research methods, it is cheaper and can be done in person or over the phone.
  • Generally, it has standardized responses that facilitate data tabulation.

What questions to include in a battery of questions?

Next, we have for you some of the reagents that you can include in your battery of questions:

  • Multiple-choice questions : This type of item is very popular in a battery of questions, as it allows participants to answer faster and also to classify their answers easily.
  • Open questions : With these questions it is possible to delve into the responses of the participants, if you are going to use them, it is advisable to ask after using multiple-choice questions, for example so that the respondent gives the reasons why he gave a previous answer.
  • Likert scale : This type of question will allow you to complement the answers offered by the participants, to know the level of agreement or disagreement they have with any action.
  • Net Promoter Score : Similar to the previous one, an NPS question will allow you to complete the information offered by the participants with information on whether or not they would recommend a brand, product or service.

Example of a battery of questions

We have for you some examples of a battery of questions that will help you to do yours:

Example 1:

1.Are you part of a non-profit association?

  • Yes
  • Not

2.If you answered yes, how many do you belong to?

  • To a
  • Two
  • To three
  • More than three

3. What category does the non-profit organization you collaborate with belong to?

  • Sporty
  • Politics
  • Religious
  • Other

Example 2:

1.Have you bought a product from our brand?

  • Yes
  • Not

2. If your answer was yes, tell us, what type of product did you consume from our brand?

  • Home clean
  • Personal care
  • Entertainment
  • Outdoor activities

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, would you recommend this product to a friend or family member?

4.Why would you recommend it?

Tips for using a battery of questions

  • Do not use technicalities: Unless you are conducting research with a specific and previously trained group of people. We always recommend creating surveys that can be understood by anyone. Being a battery of questions, failure to answer one will cause the others to not be answered either.
  • Do not encourage participants to give the answer you want: When asking the questions, try to be completely partial and not offer any indicator that leads the participants to answer something that they do not really feel, otherwise, you will cause bias in the information collected and faulty data analysis.
  • Use the appropriate platform to ask your questions : QuestionPro will allow you to easily ask a battery of questions, allowing you to add to your questionnaire any type of questions that facilitate your research process and adapting the format to any device such as tablets, cell phones or computers.

Why use a battery of questions for your research?

A battery of questions allows you to delve into the responses of the participants, since being a sequence, it is possible to obtain more information than you collected in the previous question and obtain important data for the process.

This research method is very popular in academic research , thanks to the fact that it facilitates data analysis and supports any study that requires identifying a trend among the opinion of the respondents.

A battery of questions is very useful for creating a plan that requires taking action to improve a specific idea or action.

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