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Hypertext examples concept and description


Hypertext is a writing system that allows you to link information about a search topic. This system was designed by Ted Nelson, in his attempt to search and find information, based on links with links to reference documents. This concept is widely used on the web since the transfer protocol is necessary to be able to join and link files related to searches such as web pages and multimedia resources. In this article we will impart you the examples of hypertext.

Although this concept is not a new idea, it is widely used, since it is used for the connections between the indexes and the text, footnotes, bibliographic references to certain texts, etc.

More about Hypertext

This means that the user can search only the part of the text that interests him and skip the rest, hypertext is one of the most powerful tools today to be able to explain and learn. It is necessary that the full text be explored from its roots, in order to get a more efficient idea. That is why there are two types of searches, the free search, which consists of following the links according to the text, and the indexed search method, which makes use of the computer‘s cache to take the indexes. previously created, this allows us to obtain a list of addresses.

For a digital text to incorporate hypertext, it is necessary for the reader to develop new skills in order to cope with print media. Today’s internet requires at least a little knowledge to be able to navigate between the links, and all this goes together to maintain control of the direction of internet navigation. Inference is also necessary to distinguish between one link and another.

Hypertext characteristics

hypertext would therefore be a text in electronic format with links to other parts of the text . It is used to store, retrieve and connect information. They are a kind of individual texts that link between them through electronic connections. The content does not necessarily have to be verbal, but can also be visual or sound, for example. It is a tool used to establish technological communication between two or more individuals.

Hypertext can be used and can be conceived from various points of view . One of its many applications is that of scientific dissemination. With hypertext, it is possible to refer to the sources used in a scientific text without having to create very long narratives full of accessory and informative content. Hypertext is conceived from various points of view, such as from the point of view of the author , who uses it to cite their sources or resources. And from the point of view of the reader , who uses it, without even knowing it, to be guided by the reading.

Examples of hypertext

Below are some examples of hypertext.

The hypertext therefore is associated with the use of technology and its use has been expanded with the proliferation of digital media and the Internet. Day by day, through our browsing through web pages, we make use of hypertext without even realizing it. The main example of hypertext nowadays would undoubtedly be the links that are inserted in the webs in which we navigate and that take us to other webs. Or as we have defined in this same text, an association of one part of a text to another part. In this case, from one part of the vast network of networks to another.

  1. Links on web pages to other pages
  2. Links on web pages to that same page
  3. Links indicating the bibliography used in an article
  4. Banner placed on web pages
  5. Short codes
  6. Hyperlinks in words with unusual meaning
  7. Links with access to other new posts
  8. Links with access to other old posts

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