Conceptual Paragraph with examples and elaboration

Conceptual Paragraph

The conceptual paragraph is one that provides the definition of something. The best example of a concept paragraph is the definition of the words in a dictionary. The ideas in a concept paragraph contain a hierarchy and are linked.

Concept paragraphs also refer to those in which an author wants to explain some terms that he will use in his work.

You can find some technical or scientific books in which a glossary appears at the end of the text. In this glossary the conceptual paragraph of each term is given.

These paragraphs are essential for the reader: they clarify the ideas that the writer intends to convey. Their main objective is to guide the reader with the necessary information so that they can understand a certain word or paragraph.

Examples of concept paragraphs

1- Definition of sports car

– The sports car is a medium or small vehicle, which can carry between two and four passengers. It is designed to travel at high speeds but, unlike a racing car, it is designed to travel on public roads.

– The sports car has better acceleration, better braking system, road holding and more horsepower than conventional ones.

2- Definition of chemistry

– Chemistry is the science that studies the composition, structure and properties of matter .

– This science studies the changes that matter undergoes during chemical reactions and its relationship with energy.

3- Definition of nuclear physics

Nuclear physics is a branch of physics that studies the properties and behavior of atomic nuclei.

Nuclear and particle physics is defined as the branch of physics that studies the fundamental structure of matter and the interactions between subatomic particles.

4- Definition of serotonin

– Serotonin is a chemical produced by the human body that transmits signals between the nerves. It works as a neurotransmitter.

– Serotonin is considered the chemical substance responsible for keeping the mood in balance.

5- Definition of philosophy

– Philosophy is the study of a variety of fundamental problems about issues such as existence, knowledge, truth, morality, beauty, mind and language.

Philosophy is distinguished from mysticism, esotericism, mythology and religion by its emphasis on rational arguments.

6- Definition of celiac disease

– Celiac disease is a disorder characterized by the appearance of an immune response after ingesting foods that contain gluten.

– Celiac disease is a condition that affects people who are genetically susceptible to developing it, even without knowing the real reasons.

7- Definition of feminism

– Feminism is a social movement based on the search for equality between men and women, as well as its effective application in different areas of society.

Feminism seeks the recognition of women in those rights and capacities historically reserved for men.

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