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Clinical linguistics

Clinical linguistics

Clinical Linguistics is a new field of application of linguistics. Official recognition in the United Kingdom in 1972, is far from what we have reached in Spain and what we Can expect to achieve. In our country clinical linguistics research, linguistically based, timidly appeared in 1998. It has been little more than ten years since this application of linguistics has co-existed with other branches of the external Linguistics, without having habits
importance and its autonomy recognized yet.
Clinical Linguistics tries to apply linguistic theory to the field of ducks.
Logistics of speech, language and communication in both children and adults, while
apply knowledge about pathological language to refine and modify linguistic theories
All the mentioned disciplines are closely related, so much so that
many of them confuse each other:
– Linguistic anthropology and linguistic ethnography
– Phonogenetics, biolinguistics and paleoantropolinguistics
– Biolinguistics, evolutionary psychology and paleoantropolinguistics
– Clinical Linguistics and speech therapy
There are those who come to establish equivalence relations between them and the fact
is that, although two areas of research share the same object of analysis,
it is not a sufficient reason to consider them the same discipline or that one subsumes
ma in another (Codesido, 1998). From this confusion among disciplines also arise collaterally terminological confusions and delimitation of disciplinary boundaries
stories that result in a misunderstood intrusion between disciplines, rather than advocate enrichment from the interdisciplinarity it provides a wider and more understandable range of language and its particular manifestations cular and idiosyncratic of speakers and for the understanding of cognition human in general: The handling of the same term in different theoretical frameworks carries loads conceptual concepts in each case, but not only that, but also we take the meaningful versatility inherent in the term itself, the result does not it is other than a sea of ​​ambiguities that lead to the loss of the value of the notion (Fernández, 1984)

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