What is Disorder definition/concept/elaboration

When a large group of individuals is involved in a situation of violence or danger, we can say that a disturbance has occurred. In this sense, if two people argue and fight in the street, this cannot properly be considered a disturbance, as this concept is used exclusively in riot acts. Disorder

typical situations

Disturbances usually occur on the street or in areas where many people gather. Such misunderstandings are common in certain social contexts: in popular protest demonstrations, in some football matches where fans fight violently, and in some entertainment and leisure events where there are many people consuming alcohol and drugs. Disorder

two types of disorders

Although each massive disagreement is different, it can be said that there are two types: the predictable and the unpredictable.

In some cases, social conflict accompanied by violence is a phenomenon that can be predicted from the police officer’s point of view. Thus, in a derby of maximum rivalry, any kind of disturbance between the teams that dispute the championship is quite common. Something similar occurs in some popular manifestations related to social unrest. Faced with these types of cases, the police incorporate monitoring systems to minimize the risk of disturbances. Disorder

Sometimes, turmoil and violence arise spontaneously and unpredictably , just as they do with some street fights.

Two separate assessments of violent protests

Some analysts believe the disturbances should be interpreted as an expression of deep social unrest. This argument makes sense, as one cannot think that street violence lacks reasons. However, this type of argument can end up justifying certain violent behaviors. Disorder

There are analysts who understand that violent disturbances are a form of protest that has no logical justification .

These two interpretations are highlighted when some slavery occurs. For some, slavery is a legitimate way of expressing social unrest, although these acts have a violent component. On the other hand, others understand that slavery is illegitimate as a form of freedom of expression. Disorder

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