What is Spokesperson definition/concept

The spokesperson is the professional responsible for representing an organization in front of the media. For example, when a brand reputation crisis occurs , the organization may appoint a spokesperson to communicate information on behalf of the company to the media.

The figure of the spokesperson is so important that it cannot be improvised when something negative happens, but planned in advance.

In other words, a financially healthy company must have an action plan to solve a possible brand crisis. And this plan must include the appointment of several spokespersons.

Manage a brand crisis

The spokesperson should be a person who inspires confidence in your professional career and your personal values. In other words, you are a person with credibility as it is the best way to filter communication according to the truth. And also, to manage time in a crisis situation that can cause chaos in the organization .

Some companies opt for silence with the confidence that everything will pass, however, this secret increases social distrust as it transmits concealment and little transparency.

The spokesperson can dose the information if necessary, however, his figure is crucial so that the crisis does not affect the credibility of the brand and the power of the media.

The spokesperson transmits a message. Ideally, do it in an accessible language, avoiding any beating around the bush. His work is crucial even in the sense of being one step ahead, that is, the spokesperson can give early answers to questions that are in the air and are waiting for an answer.

Types of communication

The work of a spokesperson is so connected with communication that his constant search for better vocabulary and body language is inevitable, as the power of communication shows a coherence in the message transmitted through both channels of information.

In fact, when there is a contradiction between the words and the message offered through body language, the receiver gives greater weight to the gestural information.

Assertive communication is essential for the spokesperson’s work to be truly effective. In other words, you must remain calm even in situations where you are working under pressure.

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