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The concept of absolute value can be applied in two areas of knowledge: mathematics and ethics. On the other hand, in everyday language , the idea of ​​absolute value expresses something that is valid by itself and not by other circumstances, for example, money has a value given by us, but respect for life has an absolute value in itself. only.

in math

In relation to arithmetic , the absolute value of any number refers to its magnitude and not the sign it can have, whether positive or negative.

Thus, the absolute value of -2 or +2 is the same number as 2. It is worth noting that all numbers except 0 (zero) are positive or negative, but the absolute value of a number is always positive. In mathematical terms, absolute value is an operation that allows any number to become positive.

In relation to annotation of the absolute value of a number, an X value appears between two vertical bars.

In ethical reflection, the debate between absolute values ​​and relative values ​​is addressed.

When talking about values, we refer to the type of behavior , generosity and sacrifice.

The values ​​of society are changing over time, on the other hand, in every cultural tradition there are certain types of values ​​and not others. Consequently, we are faced with relative values. Thus, values ​​depend on social or historical circumstances. In this sense, tolerance, cooperation and solidarity are shifting values ​​that depend on the circumstances or opinions of each individual .

Universal Ethical Principles

When philosophers refer to absolute values ​​or universal ethical principles, they seek to highlight certain ideals common to all cultures, at all times and for humanity as a whole. Consequently, these ideals or values ​​are universal. Thus, certain forms of behavior are considered universal because, despite some aspects or appreciations, it can be said that they have always been present in the human condition.

The justice as an ethical value is changing, but what has not changed is still the idea of justice. The same goes for love, truth or freedom . All these concepts can vary in their manifestation, but at the same time they are eternal, that is, they are absolute values.

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