What is Social Change definition/concept

Social change is called a phenomenon where a certain order of society is replaced by another with regard to economics, politics, etc. This change is carried out by people who have a certain degree of commitment and mobilization and who are part of a critical mass followed by more heterogeneous groups with a lower degree of participation . This concept emphasizes the second half of the 19th century and almost the entire 20th century due to the use by left currents. However, social change can be much more than discrete at first and not linked to a specific train of thought , but merely manifesting a variation in behavior. of people as a group, a variation that must be significant enough to leave a mark on history.

We can say that society has changed since the beginning. They are present since the appearance of man on the face of the Earth and could be studied in different historical currents. However, with the perspective of temporal distance, it can be distinguished that some of them have been very important and that they have left their effects until today. From this it can be deduced that some changes manifested in society had a greater meaning.

One of the specific areas that must be taken into account to understand the underlying reasons for these changes is the economic plan. In fact, the economy is responsible for many changes taking place in society. So, for example, the transition from a hunting society to a farming society was a major change in that it allowed it to accumulate surpluses, exchange and develop a large flow of activities that were previously non-existent. In this way, a division of tasks and specialization began, which increased productivity.

Another area of ​​great importance to refer to this issue is manifested at the political level. This, too, has evolved over time, with the emergence of various organizations that seem to try to address past shortcomings. As a result of this circumstance, a body of ideas is elaborated that intends to explain new ideals and orientations that expand the knowledge of humanity.

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