What is Sense of Humor definition/concept

The idea of ​​a sense of humor cannot be summarized in a conventional definition, as it is a concept with different characteristics.

First, we must stress that humor is a universal feature of humans. It can be said that it is a tendency towards the funny side of life. Each population has its own style of humor, for example, British humor has its own peculiarities, as does the humor of Spanish, Argentine and any other nationality. At the same time, humor is present in various forms of artistic expression such as cinema, theater and concerts, as well as in everyday life.

A part of each person’s personality

Although numerous situations of humor, there is something particular in relation to it: a sense of humor. It is a personality trait that some individuals have. Generally, those who have this characteristic like to resort to the comic in various situations, such as: ironic comments, jokes, jokes, the use of double meanings in language or satire. Likewise, a person has a sense of humor when accepting the joke of others and uses a funny and critical tone when assessing reality .

learn to laugh at yourself

Laughing at yourself naturally is another differentiating element of the sense of humor. It is often estimated to be a sign of intelligence and tolerance.

A sense of humor is a way to focus on life. No unnecessary drama and smiling attitude. However, there is not always an amiable dimension because this quality can emphasize social criticism or denunciation, something very common in the criticism of some comedians.

From a political vision

The sense of humor has an overall positive assessment, at times it has been persecuted by some totalitarian political regimes or dogmatic religious positions. In this context, it is believed to be an effective weapon to combat intransigent attitudes.

Humor as a form of defense

There is an escape valve from reality regarding the sense of humour. It can be said that it acts as a defense mechanism to face the bitterness of life. An example of this posture is the prototype of the sad clown who makes others smile despite his sadness.

Finally, we must not forget that this attitude expresses, on occasion, a double meaning: a happy, good-humored and fun person, but deep down, with a dimension quite different from criticism or evasion from reality.

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