What is Fourth Dimension definition/concept

Everything that involves reality has width, height and thickness, as well as forming three structures or dimensions. Some physicists think there are more than three dimensions, probably four or more. Fourth Dimension

Our brain was not designed to understand how we would perceive something that was more than three dimensions.

The most primary dimension would be a simple point in space. When this point is constantly repeated, a line is created, which constitutes the first dimension. The repeated line often becomes a plane, that is, something in two dimensions.

With a combined and multiplied flat figure it is possible to create something in three dimensions, for example a cube

What would happen if we placed something in three dimensions on itself and multiplied? The answer to this question would be the fourth dimension. For theoretical physicists this is a new world, probably formed by multiple or parallel universes. Fourth Dimension

A reality that goes beyond what we know

Circles, squares and triangles are flat figures that have two dimensions: length and width. In a hypothetical flat world, we could deal with ideas left or right, forward or backward, but we couldn’t understand the difference between up and down.

When we incorporate the idea of ​​height into the flat world, we get the three-dimensional geometric figures geometric figures . It can be said that our mind is stuck in three-dimensional space.

However, it is possible to imagine a structure of reality that surpasses the existing three dimensions.

It is something that goes beyond sensory experience and has not yet been conclusively discovered or demonstrated.

Theoretical physics analyzes the hypothesis of a fourth dimension, but it is not feasible to concretize what it consists of. Fourth Dimension

Einstein’s theories tried to shed some light

Scientist Albert Einstein claimed that the idea of ​​time constitutes the fourth dimension. So the displacements we know go from top to bottom, right to left, or front to back.

For Einstein, time provides an additional dimension. In the theory of special relativity , it is stated that three-dimensional reality is associated with the notion of time. This means that space and time are not absolute magnitudes, but that they actually depend on the position of a hypothetical observer. Fourth Dimension

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