What is Fragile Sex definition/concept

The expression weaker sex is used to refer to women as a whole. It is a clearly sexist statement that currently tends to disappear from everyday language. Fragile Sex

An expression with negative connotations

By asserting the existence of a weaker sex, it is implicitly implied that the other sex is strong. This contrast between both sexes highlights discrimination against all women. Fragile Sex

The adjective fragile refers to the woman in several aspects. On the one hand, their weakness is physical, since certain activities require physical strength and men are physiologically more gifted for some tasks where the use of strength is necessary. On the other hand, frailty does not only indicate a physical need, but also a psychological one, since historically it is believed that the male mind is better prepared to face adverse situations.

In this sense, it should be noted that the female sex is seen as something delicate, fragile and unstable. On the contrary, males are rated as brave, decisive and strong. Fragile Sex

the myth of the weaker sex

Certain ideas and beliefs have spread throughout history as immutable truth. However, over time it has been shown that this is unfounded. This is what happens in relation to the supposed frailty of the female sex.

There are several circumstances that highlight this false belief:

– From a physiological point of view, women are genetically prepared for childbirth, a moment that obviously requires physical strength.

– For centuries, some activities were not performed by women, as it was believed that only men could perform. In recent decades, it has been demonstrated that this tradition┬áis unfounded and nowadays women perform all kinds of work and tasks (there are female boxers, who work in construction, such as drivers, firefighters, police officers, etc.). Fragile Sex

In everyday language there are many macho words and expressions

If we take into account the everyday language we will find countless examples that give importance to machismo in society. For example, in the Spanish language the word zorro when applied to a man refers to someone cunning, skillful, but when it refers to a woman it refers to a prostitute.

This example is a small sample that serves to remind the existence of machismo in language and the consequent discrimination against women. Fragile Sex

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