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Laughter is a typically human reaction. Regardless of each population ‘s sense of humor , all human beings of any time and condition need to laugh. Some works are dedicated exclusively to provoke laughter, such as jesters, harlequins, comedians, comedians and imitators. However, there is a unique character closely associated with this reaction, the clown.

Its origins go back to antiquity, since most ancient civilizations had a character who was concerned with entertaining the ruling classes.

With makeup, wig, red nose and colorful clothes is part of the circus history. In this sense, for many historians, the first modern clown was the Englishman Joseph Grimaldi (1779-1837). He became such a popular character that writer Charles Dickens wrote a book about his memoirs.

Each type of clown has a specific role.

Those who wear their faces painted white are generally serious and friendly to adults. They tend to dress in a classic way, usually with a tie and vest. On certain occasions, this character receives the name of clown.

The august tends to have an extravagant appearance and a very colorful and flashy dress. It is an absurd, extravagant and provocative character. It represents freedom and is the clown that children like the most. The august is the opposite of the clown, as he acts like a silly clown.

In some performances there is a second august, known as a contra gusto or thrombus. Its function is to complement the first august and for that it uses a musical instrument.

The solitary clown appears as a tramp who lives outside  society.

not everything is joy

There are children and adults who, in the presence of a clown, neither have fun nor laugh. In fact, they feel a real panic. This phenomenon has a name: coulrophobia . Like all phobias, it is an absolutely irrational fear. In most cases, it occurs in childhood as a consequence of a negative experience with a clown.

Some psychologists say that it is not too strange for a clown to cause panic, as some people unconsciously interpret that behind a smiley makeup there may be a person with unpredictable intentions.

In the world of literature and cinema, a unique character was created: the murderous clown. Like many other phenomena, this one comes from the United States, where the killer-clown has become as popular as a sinister character.

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