What is Presidential Debate definition/concept

In the world of politics there is an event that arouses a special interest of the population of a country and the means of communication . This event is the presidential debate.

The mechanics of debate

Normally in these debates, candidates for the presidency of the government are exposed to the television audience of political programs in order to obtain electoral victory.

These debates are conducted by a moderator, who raises a series of questions for the candidates to know their ideals and all the measures they intend to incorporate in case they are elected by the citizens. Presidential Debate

During these debates, all the candidates’ proposals are addressed, that is, their vision of the most relevant issues for the society as a whole, such as health, education , infrastructure, taxes, territorial issues, etc.

In addition to exposing a series of proposals, the candidates face their opponent dialectically. Usually one of them has the power and the other is in opposition.

Aspects related to communication

In these debates there are a number of elements that play a very important role. Some of them are: Presidential Debate

– The candidate’s non-verbal language is an extremely important factor. Thus, gestures in front of the cameras, tone of voice, clothing and personal image are elements that influence voters’ decisions, especially among the undecided.

– The persuasiveness , oratory skills, sense of humor and wit in replying are also extremely important elements.

– The team of advisors of each candidate involved in the technical preparation of the debates takes into account issues of all kinds, such as decoration, colors, possible tics of the candidates, supporting material to strengthen arguments or phrases that can impact the spectators. Presidential Debate

The political content of the debate and all the elements involved are further analyzed by journalists, commentators and experts, who provide an overall assessment of the outcome. There is usually no winner, but often the media claim that so-and-so was the winner, just as others claim the opposite.

Presidential debates are a tradition in most countries and some of them have an international interest, especially the debate among US presidential candidates. Presidential Debate

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