What is Presidential Debate Rules and Place and date

Presidential Debate

Before the elections, in the same place and moment, the candidates for President or President explain their ideas on different aspects of the life of the country. Others have the possibility to answer or discuss those ideas. In this article we will provide you the information about the  Presidential Debate.

The debates have a regulation so that all candidates have an equal chance to participate.

The debates serve so that the citizens know the ideas of the candidates and we can compare them at the same time.

Are presidential debates mandatory?


Who has the obligation to participate in the debates?

All the candidates for President who exceeded the minimum number of votes established for the PASO (Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primaries).

What happens if a candidate refuses to participate in the debate?

Receive a penalty.

The sanction consists of not granting him advertising space for his electoral campaign on television and radio.

On the day of the debate, the physical place that the candidate who refused to participate in the debate should occupy must be left empty to demonstrate his absence.

Rules of the presidential debate

Who makes the rules of the debate?

The National Electoral Chamber must call the candidates to a hearing so that they can agree on the rules of the debate.

At that time, the people who will act as moderators of the debate are also chosen, that is: the people who will lead the debate, ask the questions, indicate the time that each of the candidates has to speak, etc.

The National Electoral Chamber should be advised by civil society organizations and academic organizations committed to the values ​​of democracy.

Who decides what issues the candidates will debate?

In the same hearing in which they must agree on the rules of the debate and on the moderators, they must decide the topics that they will deal with in the debate.

What happens if the candidates do not agree on the rules of the debate, the topics to debate or the moderators?

The National Electoral Chamber decides.

Place and date of the presidential debates

How many presidential debates must there be in the same election?

2 presidential debates.

Where should the debates take place?

One of the debates must be held in the capital of a province. The National Electoral Chamber decides in which province capital the debate should be held.

When should the debates take place?

Within 20 days before the date of the election and before 7 days of the election.

For example: if the election is on October 30, the debate must take place between October 10 and October 23.

Broadcast of the presidential debate

Is the debate broadcast on television?

Yes. The debate must be broadcast live by all state radio and television media.

If private television and radio channels want to broadcast the debate, they can also do so. Private television or radio channels do not have to pay anything to have the right to broadcast the debate.

The transmission must respect accessibility: subtitling, sign language interpreter, etc.

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