What is Sociotherapy definition/concept

Human beings are social by nature, that is, in addition to the individual entity of each person , everyone needs to be part of an environment and be able to experience recognition, affection and esteem. In other words, the essence of life is sharing. Sociotherapy

This need for social relationship that every human being has to a greater or lesser degree is the premise of sociotherapy, that is, a therapeutic technique that turns contact with others into a form of recovery from some disorders.

social integration therapy

This technique is intended to improve the social reintegration of the person who suffers some type of isolation, loneliness or marginalization. In other words, it is a therapy that allows people to find environments from which they can deploy their  social skills, establish relationship bonds, give and receive. Sociotherapy

This type of therapy is especially applied by social services or by professionals who carry out this  social work . It is a form of socio-educational therapy that allows people to position themselves with reality from a new perspective, thanks to a new framework of possibilities. Sociotherapy is very important because it enhances the discovery of individuality, that is, one’s own identity in relation to others. It focuses attention on the strengths of each group.

The social relationship starts from the recognition of identity and particularity to make room for us. Therefore, sociotherapy allows the person to integrate into this group context, forming part of a system that adds their own personal value. Sociotherapy

sing in a musical choir

A simple technique of sociotherapy, but very beneficial, is to sing in a musical choir, as the experience of enjoying this shared pleasure and reaching a common goal of self- improvement raises the protagonists’ self-esteem and makes them achieve great goals. It is a form of social entertainment where each protagonist has the experience of being together with others.

A project with social purposes allows people to discover their own value in an environment from which they can feel valued. And, therefore, being able to create new opportunities for personal development in their lives without losing sight of the enjoyment and pleasure of a shared leisure activity. Sociotherapy

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