What is Renewable Resources definition/concept

The resources renewable are those that nature itself through its processes recovers in a short period of time. This expression refers from the economic point of view to the elements used in the production process , which are very difficult to lose, despite suffering a relevant exploration.

Many of the goods that man uses daily fall into this category and we try to make it even more. This circumstance resides in the fact that renewable resources exist in abundance and this reflects in a use with a very low cost.

Renewable resources in some cases have an exploration limit until their renewal is considered to be in danger. This is often related to population explosion and economic growth. An example of this situation could be the case of water.

When world population and economic development were very limited, water supply in general, with exceptions, was not considered a problem: the water cycle  itself took care of solving any contamination that might occur. However, currently the supply of fresh water has started to be considered a problem that is not yet critical, but which may be in the future if proper precautions are not taken. Time will tell if this assessment holds up, but it is comforting to know that technological developments allow ways to purify water in an artificial and increasingly cheaper way.

In the case of energy , there are some variations to the existing modes of exploitation that, without a doubt, are promising due to their capacity for renewal. An emblematic case is that of the sun, which provides a large amount of energy for the planet and which, if used efficiently, could result in a lower cost of electricity . Currently, there are solar panels that capture much of this energy, but they are still expensive compared to other forms of generation. As for the wind, if we remember the slogan that energy is not lost but is transformed, it would generate electrical energy from kinetic energy . Such possibilities leaves us somehow optimistic regarding to the future, considering that today constant innovations are being developed capable of making possible what was once just a dream.

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