What is Depression definition/concept

Depression is an emotional disorder characterized by loss of happiness and immersion in a state of despondency that, depending on the cause, can be chronic or momentary. Depression is one of the diseases of the soul that affects patients intensely. The sick feel depressed and unwilling. Among the possible symptoms of depression are the following: psychological and mental fatigue, in addition to physical exhaustion in the early morning hours, even after sleeping all night; difficulty maintaining concentration at work; inability to enjoy activities that once gave you pleasure; recurrent negative thinking and even anxiety.

When a patient is depressed, they should consult a doctor who can guide them in finding a good psychologist or psychiatrist who will offer them emotional support in face of the situation they are in.

It is not always necessary to take medication when you have depression, sometimes dialogue-based therapy can be enough to cure these symptoms of discomfort. In therapy, the patient talks about himself, vents, shares his fears, doubts and insecurities.

Sometimes, the environment in which the person lives does not know how to help the depressed patient. In this sense, there are some help advices that are not supportive for this type of circumstance. For example, some advice should not be given, but it has good intentions: “You have to cheer up”, “You must do your part”, “That’s not all that good”, “Leave the house and have fun”.

This type of advice that aims to minimize the discomfort of those who feel depressed only makes the patient feel misunderstood in their pain. The patient suffers a lot inside and needs professional help. He needs company and a lot of understanding. Sometimes the silence of a friend’s affection can be good comfort therapy.

Depression is more than sadness

Sadness is a natural feeling as well as being very important not to be confused with depression. That is, being sad does not mean being depressed. Obviously, sadness itself is one of the symptoms of depression, however, it is a kind of malaise that remains in time, interfering with the individual’s ability to continue his daily life.

Although it deserves a separate paragraph , sadness is not a symptom par excellence as it was always wrongly believed, many times, the person suffers from depression and there are no signs of sadness expressed.

Lack of interest in activities that you regularly do is the surest indicator for diagnosing the disorder.

Among the causes of this very common disorder, during the last decades of the last century and the years to come, we can clearly identify stress (the great villain of modernity and genetics), however, specific situations can be part of it, such as loss. of a loved one, the experience of an accident, a murder and the consumption of highly addictive drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, among others. It is at these times that its effects begin to diminish and determinant and triggering factors for depression usually appear.

This type of condition that affects the minds of human beings is usually the most difficult to combat, because it develops precisely in the human mind and it is not just a medical professional to give an injection and presto, you are cured.

Furthermore, depression is a disorder, as well as mentioned above, that causes a negative impact on the professional and in personal terms as well. In the first because depression can lead to job loss and in the second because (in extreme cases) it can commit suicide as the quickest solution. The administration of antidepressants and the follow-up of the case in the form of therapy are the two best treatments for a cure.

depressed terrain

In another context, the adjective depressed can also be used to refer to a ground surface that is at a lower level than the surrounding environment. That is, it is a sinking of the ground that can be seen visibly.

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