What is Poetic Text definition/concept

In the world of literary creation we find texts of different natures. There are short stories, fables, novels, essays, poems or legends, among other types of texts . Poetic Text

The main characteristics of poetic texts

The reading of a poem offers a wide range of possibilities. Thus, the poetic text usually has a unique characteristic : it expresses feelings aimed at moving the reader. Its graphic form is presented in verses accompanied by blank spaces. On the other hand, the words embody a certain musicality and an implicit sense of rhythm.

The lines that make up a poem are known as verses, where a verse can be formed by a prayer or else by an isolated word. Sometimes the lines are grouped and when this happens they form stanzas and according to the amount of stanzas that compose them they are classified in one way or another. This type of text presents rhyme and determined rhythm, where a poet plays with the sound and at the same time with the meaning of the words.

To write some kind of poem (let’s think about a sonnet or a copula), poets use expressive resources such as personification, metaphor, simile, antithesis, hyperbole, among others. Poetic Text

Understanding what poetry is

We can define poetry as a dialogue between poet and reader through an aesthetic use of language. The poetic phenomenon does not use words in their colloquial sense, but in their deepest dimension. When reading “the day is destroyed when it is thrown overboard” we are faced with a verse that tells us something in a different way than usual (this phrase can only be understood in the context of a poetic text, as outside it it would lose its meaning).

Poetry moves away from current discourse because it seeks to build a visual image, which is usually a metaphor for something different. Thus, the use of poetic languagealters the rules of common language.

Poetry conveys information on three different planes:

1) says something about a subject, the poet;

2) expresses something about language itself;

3) conveys a unique link between poet and language. At the same time, the reader establishes an intimate dialogue between the words of the poem and his own individuality. Poetic Text

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