What is Iconology and Iconography with Religious Iconography


Iconology is considered a later stage of iconography. That is why it is closely related to Iconography. Both things are interrelated with each other and cannot be learned without learning the other.

Iconology is broadly classified as the study of the designs and art made by iconography. It has more to do with understanding and interpretation than creation and design.

Iconography involves a deep understanding of the icons and symbols that are part of important and ancient literature of the 15th century . Some of his features are present in chivalric books. During ancient times, many things were conveyed with the help of symbolic gestures and pictorial representations.

Iconography and Iconology

Iconography is concerned with studying and analyzing the aesthetic characteristics of images, limiting itself to not embarking on their historical significance.

In turn, iconology is an iconography with a deeper interpretation of objects and works of art, analyzing through an interpretive way, the historical and sociological Communication” in the 1960s. The historical context of the image, and not just a preliminary examination, linked to aesthetics.

comparison table

Comparison parameters Iconography iconology
About It involves expressing thoughts through a mixture of words or letters and design. It is about studying the art form that results from iconography to understand the message it is trying to convey.
art form It is a well known art form. It is not an art form.
visual images It involves creating visual images. It involves the study of visual images.
Panofsky It is at the secondary level of the visual representation of art. It is at the tertiary level of the visual representation of art.
state It is a highly paid profession. It is slowly becoming a lost art.

Religious Iconography

Until the mid-sixteenth century, iconography was a study restricted to religious symbols and images.

Sculptures and paintings of saints, angels and the life of Jesus Christ were the main themes of religious iconography studies , that is, it was strongly related to Christian/Catholic doctrine.

The origin of the word “icon”, for example, arose from the implicit association between the image and the sacred.

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