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Difference between analogy and metaphor/10 Differences


The term has a Greek origin and means the comparison or relationship between various concepts, things, or reasons pointing out very common general or particular characteristics that allow justifying the existence of a property in one from the existence of this in others. Differences between analogy and metaphor

It allows you to compare an object with others both in its similarities and in its differences. Analogies allow the deduction of an unknown term based on the analysis of the relationship established with a known term.

Analogies also allow arguing, representing a thought or experience regarding an object, comparing dynamics and situations, explaining the similarities they share.


The term metaphor comes from the Greek metapheró, which means displacement. This definition is very correct since it defines the displacement of meaning that exists in a metaphor between two terms with an aesthetic purpose. Differences between analogy and metaphor

The study of metaphor began with Aristotle’s Poetics and Rhetoric.

It is to simulate the analogy since each pair of elements presents a similarity, which allows us to idealize some of its characteristics.

It is a type of analogy or association between elements that have a certain similarity in meaning, which allows us to substitute one for the other. A metaphor is responsible for representing two concepts in a group, in order to suggest a comparison that turns them into a single concept.

Differences between analogy and metaphor

  1. An analogy is a comparison or relationship between various concepts pointing out common general and particular characteristics to justify the existence of a property in one or both.
  2. A metaphor displaces the meaning between two terms for aesthetic purposes. The elements share the similarity of meaning allowing the substitution of one by another.
  3. An analogy is more like a simile, while a metaphor is more like an allegory
  4. The analogy is what is expressed; the metaphor is how it is expressed.
  5. The analogy is a perceived likeness between two entities; metaphor is one “figure of speech” which you might use to communicate that likeness.
  6. A metaphor is an implicit simile, while the analogy is an explicit one
  7. The analogy is a documentary. Metaphor is a fictionalization.
  8. An analogy is specifically a discursive or argumentative technique; a metaphor is strictly a literary one.
  9. Metaphor is a term used in literature for a special type of comparison. Analogous or analogy is a general term in a lot of scientific branches and describes a special kind of similarity.
  10. An analogy is logically consistent whereas a metaphor is emotionally consistent (being consistent in one respect, however, doesn’t exclude the other.) Both are used to present similarities between the objects compared. Differences between analogy and metaphor

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