Antithesis concept and examples in sentences in detail


The antithesis is a literary device that is used to oppose or contradict two ideas within a writing. It is a manifest opposition between phrases or words with opposite meanings. An example is: “Love is so short and oblivion is so long.” Antithesis concept and examples in sentences

The etymological origin of the word antithesis comes from the Greek antithesis , which is formed by the prefix anti, which means against; and by the term thesis, which means positioning. Hence, the composition of antithesis is a setback in the placement of ideas.

Although the antithesis is a rhetorical figure that is used in literary texts, it has also gained space in everyday communicative expressions. In many cases it is used to fill some kind of statement with sarcasm or irony . It is usually accompanied by terms such as “but”, “on the contrary” or “however”.

Where and for what is the antithesis used?

The literary resource of the antithesis is used in the poetic field in order to give strength to the particular style of each author and in turn to reinforce the intensification of ideas.

On the other hand, this rhetorical figure deepens the meaning of words and phrases and invites reflection and reasoning.

Examples of antithesis in sentences

  1. – Manuel reads when I write.
  2. – The child cries when the mother sings.
  3. – The dog barks to ask for food, but his master does not give him.
  4. Silence was his best company. Antithesis concept and examples in sentences
  5. – Maria was going up the mountain and the wind was coming down the slope.
  6. – The more Daniela tries to forget Willi, the more she remembers him.
  7. – The warm woolen gloves soothed her cold.
  8. – Leni does not eat to live, she lives to eat.
  9. – There are loves that kill with disappointment.
  10. – Her eyes were dry from crying.
  11. – In the silence of the night the cicada could be heard singing.
  12. – She opened the door of her heart and he closed it with enthusiasm.
  13. – The worst loneliness is feeling alone being accompanied.
  14. – My best reward has been losing you.
  15. – The ice burned his hands.

Examples in literature

  1. – “The heart is fed up, the world is empty.” (Novalis).
  2. – “Love is so short, and oblivion is so long.” (Pablo Neruda).
  3. – “When I want to cry I don’t cry, and sometimes I cry without meaning to.” (Ruben Dario).
  4. – “I watch when you sleep, I cry when you sing.” (Miguel de Cervantes)
  5. – “Go and stay, and with being left part”. (Félix Lope de Vega).
  6. – “He was a beautiful rider … And now lots of snow.” (Federico García Lorca).
  7. – “Give me freedom or give me death.” (Patrick Henry). Antithesis concept and examples in sentences
  8. – “It is a small step for man, but a great leap for humanity.” (Neil Armstrong).
  9. – “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus .” (John Gray).

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