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The word platform comes from the French, more specifically from the word plate (flat) and de form (form). In Portuguese, the word platform is understood in several ways. On the one hand, it is about some type of material support, it also refers to the organization of a claim project by some group and, finally, it refers to the geological structure of the Earth.

The material sense of the term

There are several ways to refer to a platform in a material sense. It can be a place to put materials or people, a structure intended for the extraction of oil, a train car used for loading goods or a place of access similar to an elevator. Definitely, platform is a generic term used to refer to some type of structure intended for transport, storage or infrastructure. Platform

The non-material sense of the term

When a group of people organize a series of activities in order to claim something, we are facing a civic platform, that is, a group of individuals who share the same concerns and who work with the same objective. In general, platforms have a claiming component. Thus, there are platforms against gender violence , animal abuse, evictions, in favor of public health, etc.

You can see that the idea of ​​a platform incorporates a series of general characteristics: from in favor or against something, from civil unrest, it has no official or state character and is definitely a way of expressing freedom of expression  in the framework of democracy. It should be noted that in totalitarian regimes these types of social organization do not exist , as freedom of expression  and the right to assemble are limited.

The geological structure of the Earth

Below the underwater world is a land surface known as the  continental shelf. Knowledge of this geological structure is important because it gives important information about seismic movements, volcanoes, Earth evolution , geological formation, seafloor temperature or the evolution of climate change.

The  continental shelf concept is part of geology as well as geography and even international law. It should be noted that the  continental shelf of a state must be accurately described so that there is an objective reference when establishing a legal debate on jurisdictional waters and their limits. Platform

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