What is Transportation Engineering definition/concept

Transport engineering or Transportation Engineering is an area that deals with the movement of certain elements and people in a given space. This definition usually differs in two specific realities: people normally move in the urban environment and the elements through means of transport.

The movement of people in an urban area is complex, as individuals move around the city at different times and through a variety of means of transport. For this movement to be possible, there must be a series of operators to facilitate these services (buses, trains, taxis). These services can be performed when there is an adequate infrastructure, that is, a communication path . Transport sector operators and urban infrastructure make it possible for individuals to move around normally in their daily lives. Transportation Engineering

Transport engineering professionals try to predict and understand human behavior related to mobility

This means that it is necessary to know why one travels from one place to another, what difficulties travelers face and what alternatives they have. This requires the use of complementary tools such as applied statistics . In practice this occupation, also studied the control of intelligently traffic lights, the design of the system of parking and frequency of urban buses. Its main objective is to reduce people’s travel time. In a nutshell, it’s about knowing the needs of a city so that its inhabitants can move around efficiently. Transportation Engineering

Logistics as part of transport engineering

Logistics is responsible for purchasing, storing and distributing resources or products. Logically, the distribution sector is related to the transport of goods. Transportation Engineering

The transport engineer specializing in logistics has the role of improving transport resources, which means that he needs to reduce the cost of shipping goods, reduce the time employed, calculate loads properly and optimize all processes. It should not be forgotten that transport logistics incorporates a series of categories, from the supply chain to its distribution, passing through storage or the search for better routes, especially the fastest and cheapest ones. Transportation Engineering

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