What is Life Project definition/concept

Human beings have the ability to look to the future. One way or another, most people have a plan in relation to its own existence, that is, a life project.

The concept of life project

There is no standard definition of what a life project is, but it can be said that it is a guide that serves as a reference to guide the personal reality of each one. In a it there are two implicit questions: what do I want to be and how will I achieve it. The answers to these questions are the content of the life project.

General considerations

Every life project has an individual character, but there are some common aspects in most projects or vital plans: the labor issue to meet material needs, the love theme to reach a state of plenitude and care for one’s health. In other words, every life project directly or indirectly includes issues of health, money and love.

The life of a person , their life project is based on function of their age. Thus, a retiree has a vital project model quite different from a teenager’s project.

Normally, life projects are general ideas that serve as a way forward and, at the same time, can change direction. In this way, luck or the circumstances of the moment can alter the course of the vital planes.

From a practical point of view, creating a life project serves to set goals and fight for them. To make a life plan, you must follow a series of rules:

1) Know yourself;

2) Make an assessment of personal reality;

3) Decide on a path to achieve your desired goals.

What are the personal aspects that determine a life project?

Every individual is a result of their personal circumstances. In this sense, there are several factors related to any personal project. The family and affective environment are the key issues.

The cultural and social context are also essential. In this way, each person’s personal environment is the principle for building a life project. Despite this, adverse situations can be a stimulus to create an ambitious plan, as motivation is one of the levers that guide the will of human beings.

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